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Carnage at GC
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A multitude of armies gathered at GC to vie for bragging rights and a battleforce set (or store credit). Having not finished painting my Thousand Sons, the faithful Alaitoc Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn stepped forward to bring honour to Balau.

Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn

The tournament had Eldar, Tau, IG, Daemon Hunter, Space Marine, Chaos and Ork armies, and was divided into 4 qualifying groups. The winner and runner-up in each group would then advance to the quarters, semis and final.

Me and my army
Me and the Alaitoc Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn. Note the Farseer flanked by his two best-pals, Agaith & Pikarid.

This is how fair Alaitoc faired:
Game 1: vs Rebel Eldar
Game 2: vs Necrons
Game 3: vs IG
Game 4: vs Necrons
Game 5: vs Chaos
Game 6: vs Tau

Alaitoc vehicles
Wave Serpents, Vypers and Wraithlords Agaith & Pikarid pose with the venerable Farseer and his trusted Warlock.

Alaitoc War Host
The Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn. This incarnation of the force does away with Howling Banshees, and instead opting for the fiery fusion wrath
of Fire Dragons. The Warlock can be seen monkeying about with the War Host's elite Pathfinders.

Into the Breach!
In the final battle vs Tau, the Eldar were continually pasted by superior Tau firepower. Here can be seen both
Eldar Wave Serpents and a Vyper crashed on the ground, with the other Vyper also destroyed just outside camera
view to the left. However, note the mass of snipers taking advantage of the rubble around the objective. Also note
the surviving Stormies and Warlock in the ruins to the left, desperately trying to reach the Tau lines. Tau infantry
can be seen on the top right corner, some distance from the objective. This Tau failing (and some luck) was to
prove fruitful for the Alaitoc.


Target sighted
View at the end of the battle. Tau infantry has yet to move up. In fact, the Kroot in the woods are pinned, victim to a hail of sniper fire.
Note that the Alaitoc are by this time down to 1 long-range anti-tank weapon system (Wraithlord), but maintain a mass of snipers around
the objective, thus winning the battle.

Pfheel the Pred
This excellent Chaos Predator belongs to my brother's Slaanesh army. It sports the standard Balau Chaos
Predator configuration, known as "Super-Pred", except being Slaanesh, it's armed with a blastmaster in the turret.

Another Balau player (in stripes) in action, with his Nurglites pitted against a Daemon Hunter army.

Nurgle Predators skulk amongst cover to take advantage of AV14 and daemonic possession.

Inquisitorial stormtroopers and inducted IG advance against the plague of Nurgle.

Dice rolled in anger! The hapless Nurgle daemon prince finds out that it is NOT a good idea to get stuck in close combat with
a bunch of Grey Knight terminators. Near the ruins, stormtrooper meltaguns have made good, turning a Nurgle "Super-Pred" to sludge.

Close up of Daemon Hunters early in the battle, with inducted meat-sh... um ... IG providing heavy support for the advancing stormtroopers and Grey Knights.