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GC Tournament of March 2004

Game 2: Pitched Battle vs Necrons

The first game was admittedly easy. My opponent was not experienced and the city terrain is simply great for a sniper army. My next opponent were Necrons, which are tougher. Going into the game, I decided to concentrate on mission objectives (each quarter gives you 200VP) and minimize losses to go for a win. For easy reference, you can check out my list:

He actually chose Escalating Engagement, but since I chose Pitched Battle, we rolled for it, and the die showed Pitched Battle!
His list was:

Lord, resurrection orb, staff of light, veil of night
Immortals (10)
Immortals (10)
Warriors (10)
Warriors (10)
Scarabs (5)
Scarabs (5)

The terrain was pretty sparse. Each quarter had a hill near the long table edges, with my table edge having an extra hill in the center. The center of the table was dominated by a huge ruined cathedral. To the right of the ruins, and towards the enemy was the only patch of woods. Not quite Ranger country. All cover was agreed at 5+.

DEPLOYMENT (left to right)
Enemy: To the left of the ruins was an Immortal squad. To the right of the squad was the Monolith, and behind that, a Warrior squad. Roughly 18” to the right of the Monolith and behind the ruins and woods (although there is partial LOS thru the ruins) was another Warrior squad. The other Immortals were joined by the Necron Lord to the extreme right of the field. The Scarabs were held back for deep strike.

Alaitoc: To the left of the left hill was my Stormies Serpent. A Ranger squad used that hill as cover. Forward of that was my Wraithlord. A Ranger squad and the Pathfinders use the center hill as cover. Another Ranger squad was deployed slightly forward, using the ruins as cover. To the right of center hill were my other Wraithlord, the Fire Dragons and the Farseer. 2 Ranger squads used the right hill as cover. Behind them were both my Vypers. 2 more Ranger squads infiltrated into enemy territory, using the hill on the left as cover.

The Immortals on the left were sent to reserve. All other Necron squads started the game pinned.

Turn 6 was to be night turn. I took first turn.

Alaitoc: Stormie Wave Serpent moves to draw LOS to Monolith while staying out of particle whip range. Left Wraithlord advances straight towards Monolith. Wraithlord to the right of the ruins moves straight to nearest Warrior squad. Fire Dragon Wave Serpent and Farseer move at full speed towards the Immortals with the Lord. Vypers move into starcannon range of Immortals. Infiltrating Rangers open fire on Warriors, downing one. Wraithlord and Stormie Serpent try for lucky shots at Monolith to no effect. Rangers and Pathfinders in center fire thru the ruins at other Warrior squad, downing 3. Wraithlord on right of ruins vaporizes a Warrior with brightlance. Rangers and starcannon open fire on Immortals on the right, downing 4.

Necrons: We’ll be back rolls see the downed Warrior on the left get back up, 2 Warriors in center back and 2 Immortals back. Since everyone was pinned, the only movement was the Monolith, straight towards my center sniper squads. He fires Particle Whip but was out of range.

Alaitoc: Stormie Wave Serpent hangs back towards left hill, still out of particle whip range. Left Wraithlord advances straight to Monolith. Right Wraithlord advances straight to center Warriors. The other Wave Serpent moves forward and disembarks Fire Dragons at point-blank range to Immortals, with the Farseer following very close. With no more targets, one of the Ranger squads on the right hill breaks cover and advances forward. Vypers gain better shooting position, but staying beyond 30” of Immortals. Again, bright lances from left Wraithlord and Wave Serpent had no effect on the Monolith (I actually glanced it, but rolled a ‘3’). Infiltrating Rangers take down 2 Warriors. Snipers in center took down 2 Warriors from center squad. Wraithlord shoots at same squad and misses. Both squads were not pinned. Rangers advancing in open took a fleet move. Fire Dragons, Rangers and Vypers opened up on Immortals, wiping them out. Farseer’s mind war takes 2 wounds from Necron Lord. Wave Serpent bright lance takes him down. Left Wraithlord charges the Monolith, but fails to hit.

Necrons: We’ll be back rolls: the downed Warrior on the left get back up and 1 Warrior in center back. There were no more Immortals on the right, so they all died permanently. The Necron Lord passes his roll (d***d resurrection orb). He gets up and teleports to my left flank, near the infiltrating Rangers. Fresh Immortals squad walk in from reserve to join the Lord. Warrior squad on left advances forward. Monolith closes range on my center snipers. Center Warrior squad advances. One of the Scarab squads teleported in, landing near the Fire Dragon Wave Serpent. Immortals and Warriors open fire on my left Wraithlord, and he took a wound. Necron Lord’s staff of light kills one of the infiltrating Rangers. Monolith particle whip shoots at Pathfinder, but scatters off-table. Center Warrior squad opens fire on Wraithlord, to no effect.

Alaitoc: Left Wraithlord advances on Warrior squad. Stormie Wave Serpent moves in front of Monolith, blocking its LOS to my center snipers. The other Wraithlord advances on the center Warrior squad. Fire Dragons remount their Wave Serpent and moves towards center Warrior squad, followed by the Farseer. Rangers in open advances towards Scarabs. Both Vypers move to within shuricat range of Scarabs. Infiltrating Rangers open fire on Immortals, downing 2. Left Wraithlord flames Warrior squad, downing 3. Stormie Serpent bright lance bounced off the Monolith. Right Wraithlord flames center Warrior squad, downing 4. Fire Dragon Wave Serpent vaporizes another. Long rifles, shuricats, shuriken pistols and starcannon wipe out Scarabs. Left Wraithlord charges Warriors, killing 3. The Warriors broke and ran 9”. Wraithlord consolidates back towards the Monolith. Right Wraithlord charges Warriors, killing 2, but they stand.

Necrons: We’ll be back rolls: Both downed Immortals got back up. Since left Warrior squad was >6” away, the downed warriors stayed down. That squad continued fleeing off-table. 1 Warrior came back from the center squad. 2nd Scarab squad deep strikes onto my left hill. Necron Lord and Immortals teleport behind the Scarabs. Immortals and Necron Lord open fire on Pathfinders, killing 2. Monolith particle whips the Stormie Wave Serpent, but good ol’ Eldar field absorbed it. In the center of the enemy line, Wraithlord wipes out remaining Warriors, and consolidates back towards Monolith.

Alaitoc: Stormie Serpent tank shocks Immortals, moving them closer to the Wraithlord. Stormies disembark. Left Wraithlord advances on Immortals. Fire Dragon Serpent speeds down the line. Right Wraithlord (now in center), moves closer to Monolith. Farseer speeds towards Monolith, but is still behind the ruins. Both Vypers move full-speed back to the center of my line. Rangers in open advance forward to claim quarter. Destructor and flamers from Stormies wipe out Scarabs. Long Rifles from 4 Ranger squads and the Pathfinders, brightlances from left Wraithlord and Stormie Wave Serpent and shuricats from the Serpent. take down 5 Immortals. Right Wraithlord and Fire Dragon Serpent did not have LOS to Immortals, and tried their luck against the Monolith. Actually glanced it, but rolled a ‘2’.

Necrons: We’ll be back rolls bring back only 2 Immortals. The Necrons phase out.

Result: TA (massacre)
Net VP: 2,300 (I only lost 1 Ranger and 2 Pathfinders, and that’s not enough to lose any VP)
Tournament points: 3