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GC Tournament of March 2004

Game 1: Pitched Battle vs Eldar Rebels!

I was supposed to bring my Thousand Sons army for this tourney, but haven't finished painting them. So I brought my old Alaitoc. TAR and TVR were used. Here's the list.

The enemy Eldar was in Alaitoc colors! A rebellion! His list was:
Farseer, fortune, singing spear, ghosthelm
Fire Dragons (6)
Rangers (6)
Rangers (6)
Guardian Defenders (13), w. brightlance, led by Warlock w. conceal, w/blade and shuripistol
Guardian Defenders (13 I think), led by Warlock w. conceal, singing spear and shuripistol
Guardian Storm (10), w. 2 flamers
Vyper (1), CTM, starcannon
Vyper (1), CTM, stacannon
Wraithlord, bright lance, flamers
Dark Reapers (5)

The terrain was a lovely city. A canal ran through the middle, with 3 bridges crossing it – one on each player’s side and the middle bridge had a huge pipe blocking LOS for models on the ground. There were roughly 5 huge ruined buildings, 1 in each table quarter (except the quarter opposite my left had 2) plus a smaller building in the middle of my right flank. My opponent won the deployment roll and chose the side with the larger buildings. Good news is that he gave me the table side with the tallest building. All cover was agreed at 5+

DEPLOYMENT (left to right)
Enemy: He had 6 Rangers on the rooftop of the left most building. In the 3rd floor of the same building were his Dark Reapers. Behind the ruins of the building to the right of this were both Guardian squads and farseer. Behind the bridge in the canal was the other Ranger squad. Next to the bridge was the Falcon. In the ruins on the right skulked the Storm Squad. Behind that ruin were the Vypers. The Wraithlord and Fire Dragons were behind the smaller ruin on the rightmost flank.

Alaitoc: Next to my left most building were both Serpents - Stormies in front of Fire Dragons. Behind that building was a Vyper. The roof of the building was occupied by my Pathfinders, and ground and 3rd floor were Ranger squads. To the right of the building and forward was a Wraithlord. 3 more Ranger squads were in the center - 1 behind the middle pipe, 2 in the canal ready to shoot either left or right. To the right of the canal was another Wraithlord, with the farseer right next to and behind him. In the ruins to the right was a Ranger squad. Behind that building a Vyper, and the right most edge another Ranger squad.

The enemy Rangers on the rooftop were sent back to reserve. The Dark Reapers, Defender squad w.out brightlance, other Rangers and Storm Squad started the game pinned.Turn 6 was to be night turn. He took first turn.

Enemy: Wraithlord and Fire Dragons advance forward towards my Rangers in the right building. Falcon moves to the left of his bridge. Vyper pops up to shoot at my Wraithlord on the right - no effect. 2nd Vyper moves and shoots up Rangers in right building ... also no effect. Bright lance on left flank targets my Storm Guardian Serpent - and shoots it down, taking 2 Guardians with it. His Wraithlord shoots mine ... and misses. Falcon and Rangers open fire on Pathfinders, but cover was too good.

Alaitoc: Since my Guardians were pinned (TVR), I had to change my plans. The Fire Dragon Wave Serpent moved forward towards the building housing the Dark Reapers. Left-center Wraithlord advances. Right-center Wraithlord moves straight forward. Farseer jets in front of him. Rangers on extreme right had no targets, and moved to behind the right building. Fire Dragons Serpent shoots at Falcon for no effect. Left-center Wraithlord brightlance glances Falcon, stunning it. Pathfinders and both Ranger squads in left building shot at Dark Reapers, killing 2 and pinning them again. 3 Ranger squads in center opened fire at bright lance Defenders, killing 3 but didn't pin them. Right-center Wraithlord scores 1 wound against the enemy one. Rangers in right building finishes off the Wraithlord. Farseer kills one Fire Dragon, melting his brain into sludge. Farseer then moves back to the safety of the Wraithlord.

Enemy: Fire Dragons on right advances forward. Defenders without brightlance also advance, forming a screen for the anti-tank Defenders. Bright lance shoots at my Serpent and misses. Vyper behind building pops up and shoots Pathfinders. Again, cover was too good. His Rangers also shot at my Pathfinders, to no effect. The other Vyper moved forward and shot at Rangers behind building (thru windows) killing 2. Fire Dragons shot up my Rangers in the front of that building, killing 2. Both squads broke and fled.

Alaitoc: Fire Dragon Serpent moves right in front of the Dark Reaper building and gets out of LOS of the enemy bright lance. Behind them, my Storm Guardians advanced on foot. Left-center Wraithlord advances towards Guardians. Right-center Wraithlord and Farseer advances towards Fire Dragons. Fire Dragon Serpent shoots and penetrates Falcon, blowing it up. Wraithlord now sees the Vyper skulking behind the building and blows that up too. The other Wraithlord clips the other Vyper, shaken result. Again, the Pathfinders and Rangers in the left building killed 2 Dark Reapers, but this time, the lone survivor was not pinned. The 3 Ranger squads in the middle shot at the bright lance Guardians killing only 1 (fortune is good) and not pinning them. The Farseer melts another Fire Dragon brain. Farseer and Wraithlord then charge the Fire Dragons, and the combat resulted in ... zero wounds!

Enemy: His Ranger squad comes in from reserve and joins the other one in the canal behind the bridge. The shaken Vyper zooms forward to the right of the building on my right flank. Guardians advance steadily. Lone Dark Reaper, having passed all-alone test, now shoots at my Pathfinders - and missed!! Bright lance opens up on my left-center Wraithlord, scoring a wound. One Ranger squad shoots my Storm Squad, but they were out of range. In close combat the combined attacks of the Farseer and Wraithlord kills – ZERO Fire Dragons.

Alaitoc: Vyper on left moves into position to finish off Dark Reaper. Fire Dragon serpent dashes 18" and tank shocks lead Guardian squad. Wraithlord moves forward to within charge range of that same squad. Storm Squad reaches the Dark Reaper building. One of the Ranger squads in center moves up. Vyper on right moves out - onto the enemy Vyper's tail. Vyper on left shoots up last Dark Reaper. Wraithlord on left-center flames the bright lance Guardians, killing 6, but they stood their ground. Vyper in dogfight with enemy Vyper opens up with all weapons, and only caused a shaken result. All snipers with LOS to the enemy Rangers opened fire, killing only 2. Then the Wraithlord on the left charged the tank-shocked Defenders, but only killed 2. The Wraithlord on the right and the Farseer finally cause 1 wound, and the enemy Dragons break. Both Farseer and Wraithlord consolidate forwards towards the ruin with the Storm Guardians.

Enemy: Shaken enemy Vyper tries to speed away to behind my building on the right. No other movement. Bright lance shoots point blank at Fire Dragon Serpent - and misses! Farseer throws his singing spear, but fails to glance. Smaller Ranger squad shoots at my lead Rangers, but cover was good. The fresh Ranger squad was more successful, scoring 1 wound on my Wraithlord on the right. In assault phase, my left Wraithlord killed another 2 Guardians, but they stood their ground.

Alaitoc: Fire Dragons disembark and moves towards the bright lance Guardian squad, Wave Serpent doesn’t move (to allow the Dragons to charge). My Stormies move around the Dark Reaper building. Center Ranger squad moves up to try gaining LOS on enemy Rangers. Wraithlord on right moves to flamer range of enemy stormies. Farseer moves to within mind war range of enemy Rangers. Vyper stays on enemy Vyper’s tail. Being only 1” from the Wave Serpent, the enemy Farseer becomes a legal target and was vaporized by bright lance. Fire Dragons fleet of foot to gain better position. Wraithlord on right flames Stormies, killing 8, and they fled. The Farseer melts the brain of an enemy Ranger. My Vyper opens up with starcannon, destroying both weapons on the enemy Vyper. My Fire Dragons then charge the Defenders with the bright lance, and after a short fight, the 2 remaining Guardians fled off-table. Fire Dragons consolidated into the other Defender squad, from which my Wraithlord killed 2, but they stood their ground. Farseer and his Wraithlord buddy charged the fleeing enemy Fire Dragons and wiped them out.

Enemy: Weaponless Vyper again tries to fly to safety, heading away from my Vyper but towards the center of the board. Rangers stood their ground and shoots at Wraithlord on the right, scoring 1 wound. In close combat, my Fire Dragons and Wraithlord made short work of enemy Guardians, and they fled. I lost 1 Fire Dragon. Both units consolidated center towards the enemy Rangers.

Alaitoc: On the left, Fire Dragons and Wraithlord advance closer to enemy Rangers. Farseer and his Wraithlord also close in on the Rangers from the right. Both Vypers move to target enemy Vyper, with the Wave Serpent in support. Rangers in canal whip out shuriken pistols, ready to take down the enemy Vyper. Flamers from both Wraithlords, fusion guns and my Farseer’s twin-linked shuricats wipe out Rangers. The enemy Vyper was also gunned down in the first volley of starcannon fire. Enemy wiped out.

Result: TA (Total Annihilation - massacre)
Net VP: 2,061
Tournament points: 3

Rebellion quelled! On to the next match -- Necrons!