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GC Tournament of March 2004

Game 4: Reverse Pitched Battle vs Necrons

Game 4 was the quarter-final. It was sort of a pitched-battle with same kind of objectives and deployment, only your VPs come from survivors of your own army. This wasn't difficult at all. The opponent was Necrons, with 3 warrior, 1 immortal and 3 destroyer squads, plus a Lord and a 'Lith (whom he swears he fielded just because he doesn't have enuff models - i believe him, i know the guy, took 2 years to paint the army, sculpt a new skull entrance for the 'lith, also with LEDs and other fancy stuff - real nice job, wish I had pics).

2 Destroyer squads, a warrior squad and the Lord were sent to reserve and the nearest Destroyers were pinned. Destroyers are a priority target for me as they are the only ones with equal range to my guys. So I made sure I took out the pinned squad fast.

The rest of the battle was fairly routine. My Left WL charged the Monolith, got lucky and hit the Lith twice, penetrating with one, glancing with other, both rolls destroying it. I never intended to do that (charging a 'lith is a standard tactic to close the distance to his troops faster), but hey, i'll take that  In the event, the WL did reach the Necron lines and started to sow havoc. My snipers and starcannon did very well, as i was able to focus fire and wipe out the Necron squads one at a time.

Both my Serpents were shot down in this game. The Guardians' crash was bad, and only the warlock and 3 stormies walked out. After recovering from pinning, they advanced towards the enemy Lord and the surviving 3 immortals and flamed them. I actually forgot to charge, which costed me the squad.

Why I forgot to charge was because on the other end of the table, 2 Fire Dragons died when their Serpent crashed. The turn after the Dragons were pinned, a Necron warrior squad emerged from reserved and killed another one. Then, the surviving 6 advanced on the Necrons. Together with supporting sniper and shuriken fire, the Dragons reduced the Warriors to 1 model. If that 1 model died, the entire squad cannot do WBB and would be lost, phasing out the army. So I charged them with the Fire Dragons, supported by 3 Rangers who happened to be moving nearby. Charge ended in a draw, and next turn 4 Warriors got back up.

Anyways, the Necrons eventually phased out in Turn 6 when their Destroyers were wiped out by a combination of starcannon, sniper and bright lance fire, and a decisive charge by my Left WL.

On to the semis!