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GC Tournament of March 2004

Game 6: Modified Take 'n' Hold vs Tau

The final!

This was going to be tough. Scenario was a modified take and hold played lengthwise with both players starting from off-table racing to an objective in the middle, buried under piles of rubble (good cover:) no infiltrators, no deep strike. variable game length, rolling at the end of turn 5. Winner would be the player with most models within 6" of the objective.

Enemy was Tau:

Leader in crisis suit
3 Crisis suits with missile launchers and plasma, gun drones
3 Crisis suits with missile launchers and plasma, one with fusion gun, gun drones
10 fire warriors
10 fire warriors
a whole bunch of kroot
Hammerhead w ion cannon, SMS
Hammerhead w ion cannon, SMS
3 Broadsides w SMS, shield drones

Judges ruled i can use disruption since all the Tau was off-table at the start. The rolls were good and only the Hammerheads came out unscathed.

I took first turn and immediately rushed all i had to the objective. With the Tau outranging me, there was no point to hang back. The plan was straightforward: occupy the objective with all my snipers and just hope the cover is good enough. My 2 Serpents went full speed on the right-center, followed by the Vypers and farseer. All the snipers made good fleet rolls, and the 2 WLs were promptly left behind.

The Tau Hammerheads came on and shot down the Fire Dragon wave serpents, taking 3 fire dragons in the wreck.

I pressed on regardless. Pathfinders arrive at the edge of the ruins in the middle of the board. Stormies serpent opens fire on a Hammerhead and misses. All other bright lances out of range.

With amazing reserve rolls, all Tau but the leader in crisis suit come on table (2 Fire Warriors squads came on Turn 1 but were automatically pinned). Hammerhead fire destroys the other Serpent, killing 4 Guardians.

I had no choice but to race forwards. Pathfinders and front-most Ranger squads arrive at objective and dug in. Fire Dragons recover from pin and advanced into the ruins carefully behind the screen of Rangers. WLs advanced as best as they can, both fired on a Hammerhead, one missed, and the other failed to glance.

Now the Tau was pairing his 2 Crisis squads and the Hammerheads against me. Kroot occupy woods directly in front of the ruins. Railguns opened fire through the ruins on my right WL -- incredibly, he escaped harm! Hammerheads opened up on both WLs to effect. Crisis suits kills 1 Ranger! Luck was on my side.

With no where else to go, the Warlock led his remaining stormies in the direction of the crisis suits. I needed the maximum fleet move and a maximum difficult terrain move to charge them. The WLs continue to advance. More Rangers arrive at the objective. The first group of Ranger squads and Pathfinders open fire on Fire Warriors who advancing up my right, killing a bunch but failing to pin them. Farseer takes a stab with mind war and takes 1 wound from a crisis suit. My advancing stormies rolled a '1' for fleet! Both WL brightlances missed! (more '1's - I know how Larry Leadhead feels - truly)

Railguns and both Hammerheads concentrate fire on my right WL, and there was no stopping that amount of firepower. The Crisis squads, Hammerhead SMS, Fire Warriors and Kroots opened fire on the Rangers in the ruins, killing 3. The other Fire Warrior squad wipe out the desperately advancing Stormies.

The surviving WL on the left kept on advancing. This time his brightlance hits and shakes the opposing Hammerhead. Snipers concentrate fire on the Kroots, killing a bunch and pinning them. Some Fire Warriors were hit by sniper fire too.

The Hamerhead on my left for some unknown reason headed for the objective (in charge range of WL and Fire Dragons). The other Hammerhead lapped around my right flank. Fire Warriors advanced (but both squads were still far from the objective). A torrent of ion cannon, missile launcher, plasma, fusion, pulse carbine and whatever else was fired at my snipers. Only 3 fell. He rolled for the variable game turn --- and rolled a 1!! Game over!!

The Tau had zero models within 6" of the objective. I had 4 Pathfinders, 4 Ranger squads, the Fire Dragons and a WL in that area (yes, no ordnance

In the end I think I won that one because the Tau player thought he had loads of time to waltz into the objective. Heck, that's what I thought too. I didn't really know how much more pounding my dug-in snipers could take.

Anyways, I won the tourney. And took home a Space Wolves battleforce  that's gone towards my Raven Guard project.

If you guys want anymore details or have any questions, go ahead and mail me.