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Lord Thorgrim's Space Wolves
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Legend has it that before the campaign of terror unleash by Abaddon there was huge infighting within the traitor legion known as the Blood Lords. The infighting was enflamed by the change of their Lord's allegiance from their traditional ally the Lord of Murder to the Lord of Excess. This change was made worse when the undivided warriors in the Blood Lords under orders of Lord Horax trapped all the Khorne Berzerkers in their great hall. With the blood lust built into every Khorne Berzerker they started to turn on each other after giving up trying to break out of the great hall. 1,000 Khorne Berzerkers died that night, what survivors remaining broke out of the hall and then form small war bands that launched guerilla warfare like attacks on Lord Horax' corona mines.

Former Berzekhers cleansing Eldar Banshees

Around this time. 200 Space Wolves battle brothers as well as 150 Storm troopers, 4 inquisitors, and an unknown number of Assassins were sent to The Corona mines and to establish a Fortress to monitor the situation, and to exploit any cracks in the Blood Lords legion. Upon their arrival they came under constant attack by the superior numbers of Blood Lords as well as other traitor legions who reign supreme in the Melba sector. Within 4 months of their arrival, the Space Wolves led by their young Wolf Lord Thorgrim Thunderfist were lacking reinforcements and something had to be done. Just then Inquisitor Hypatius suggested an experiment on the warriors of the Blood God that are now fighting against Horax. Under pressure to maintain combat effectiveness and the serious lack of Blood Claw packs lord Thorgrim agreed to allow the experiment to go through.

Every bit a Space Wolf as any

A top secret operation lead by Inquisitor Hypatius captured 20 Berzerkers. Upon capture the Berzerkers were heavily drugged and were brainwashed with righteous Imperial doctrine using head sets that were built into their eyes. Each Berzerker underwent 4 years of continuous drugs and Imperial indoctrination in a desperate attempt at rehabilitation. Eventually, this first batch were ready for combat. However, because of the heavy drugs required to control the Berzerkers, they were too drugged to maintain good coherency in combat, this reduced their skill with the blade. But when they charge their crave for blood will spark them into a frenzy that is as if they were tainted with the wulfen. These new recruits are not allowed to carry power weapons or even to have a normal marine life. After combat the Berzerkers will be sent into their stasis chambers to continue their education into the ways of the Imperium.

Thorgrim's detachment amassing somewhere in Melba. The Marines with
the blue chainswords are former traitors.

On their first test the new Berzerkers joined the ranks of the Blood Claws and were part of first wave to crush their arch enemy the Blood Lords. The Blood Claws put fear into the Blood Lord warriors to see their former workers in grey armour with the blue war paint  ( blue paint is regarded as a protection against evil). The charge brought Lord Thorgrim the head of the lieutenant of the Blood Lords -  the Vile commander Zharkov.