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Blood Lords Traitor Legion

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Horax and some of his Berzerkers, from a recent raid in the Melba Sector.

The Warmaster of the blood lords known as Horax was originally a Commander of the Black Legion and was in Abbadon's High Council. During his years in the Balau sector he always had a hidden Grudge against his mentor Warmaster Kai, as Lord Abbadon always favoured him. On the 13 Moon Skhalax Warmaster Abbadon Ordered Warmaster Horax to Take command of his 69th Black Legion Company and to go to the rich mines of Corona in the Melbas sector.

Upon reaching the sector he started waging war after war against the enemies of chaos and commonly inferior commanders. After a successful capture of the Corona mines he received a vision that it is he not Abbadon that will sit on the Throne on Terra, and that the key for this would be the production and the silent take over of the Black Legion Company that was given to him. One by one, each commander that was loyal to Abbadon died mysteriously. The young Warmaster also made a pact with the Lord of Murder, which was against the will and the orders of the Black Legion. Upon this pact he was risen to the status of Daemon prince and from there he and his loyal Lords fought a war against the remaining loyal Black Legion marines. His takeover was swift and bloody, and not a word was able to leave the Melbas sector to other black legion Commanders.

After the bloody affair he raised a new Order. The Order of the Blood God and the unity of the Army of the undivided. He gave wealth and power to the Marines who remain undivided for their loyalty and Blood for the Lord of murder. Upon this a the Order of the Blood Lords were created. A Legion base on industry and murder. His Fame grew fast in the new sector and with out a real challenger he ruled supreme, he has created more powerful allies - from the Orks to renegade Imperial Guardsmen - they all now submit to the cause of “blood for gold” and no army shall oppose its will to dominate. Now unopposed in the Melba Warmaster Horax has called him self Emperor Horax Master of the Blood Lords.

Traitor Red Corsairs joined the Blood Lords after this action, significantly swelling their ranks.

Blood Lords Predator. Note the damage inflicted on its left sponson.

Force Organisation
The Blood Lords have grown almost 20 fold since their departure from the Balau Sector.  The army is divided to 3 divisions - the Blood Lord Legion, the Blood Guards of Melbas, and the Followers of the Order of the Red God.

Blood Lord Legion - There are 20 active companies within its core legion, its detail force organisation for this is not available at this time.

The last surviving Black Legionnaires loyal to Abbadon prepare to defend themselves against the final Blood Lords assault.

Blood Guards of Melbas - these are the commanders of countless renegade Imperial Guard divisions who have pledged loyalty to Warmaster Horax and its cause for the order of the iron fist and the flow of wealth to the might of men.

Followers of the Order of the Red God - These are the main engine for the blood lords countless number of cultist followers of the new Emperor.

The last of Abbadon's influence in the Melba Sector is eradicated by Horax.

Predator of the Blood Lords, somewhere in the Melba Sector.

Allies of the Blood lords - Upon his capture of the Corona mines he has made pacts with the Dark Eldar to destroy any imperial force who try's to enter from the eastern gate. In return he has rewarded them with slaves and wealth for them to plunder he even gave them a save heaven out side their warp fortress on the Back moon Flindus He has also made pacts with the Orks whom
he has supplied with weapons.

War cry
“BLOOD FOR GOLD” or  “death to all who oppose us!”

Blood Lords Berzerkers, scourge of  the Melba Sector.

Detail of the rear of a Blood Lords Predator, showing off its foul icons.

Blood Lords traitor marines in action against Orks in the Melba Sector.