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Chaos Infinatum - the Closing Battles

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As the protagonists inch closer to the cursed gate, only the forces of the Eldar remained. The Alaitoc Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn were destined to battle with the Aspect Warriors of Biel Tan under Farseer Marc to wrest control of the gate, with the ranger force winning narrowly.

 Dramatization of the final 'shot' of the campaign - Farseer Lahnn's Mind War attack on a hapless Biel Tan Exarch.

En route to the cursed gate, the Eldar force were intercepted by marauding Dark Eldar.

Although the Dark Eldar did some damage, the Alaitoc eventually defeated them and moved on towards their objective.

The Ranger Force deployed to assault the cursed gate, which can be seen in the top right.

Due to their mobility, the Biel Tan arrived at the objective first, but were dogged by difficult ground. All three Wave Serpents shown above eventually crashed.

Alaitoc Vypers gun down Biel Tan Fire Dragons. Scenes like these serve to please those loyal to the Emperor.


Biel Tan Banshees occupy the gate.

Alaitoc Vypers open fire on Biel Tan Banshees.

Biel Tan Swooping Hawks dive in to support the attack. Unfortunately, some were killed upon landing.

Her squad wiped out, the Biel Tan Banshee Exarch attracts the attention of an Alaitoc Guardian Storm Squad.

The Guardians bravely charged the ancient Exarch. Behind them, Biel Tan Warp Spiders emerge from the Warp.

This time, Banshees from Alaitoc prepare to support their Guardian comrades, and prepare to charge the Biel Tan Warp Spiders.

Farseer Lahnn on his jetbike prepares to unleash Mind War on the hapless Biel Tan Scorpion Exarch, the sole survivor of the Biel Tan detachment. Note the wreckage of fallen Vypers and Wave Serpents chocking the streets.

 The truimphant Farseer Lahnn delivering the final killing blow.