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Pointy Eared Bridge
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The guys had such a great time doing A Bridge Too Far that we had a second game after dinner break, with different armies and slightly modified deployments. This time, each detachment was 1700pts. The Imperium was represented by Sisters of Battle, Sovetskii Guards Tank Rgt and the 33rd Fallschirmjaeger. Eldar forces were made up of the Saim Hann War Host of Farseer Kai, The Seer Council of Farseer Da'ni and his Ulthwe war host and the Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn.

The hand of the Emperor guides the Battle Sisters' deployment.

Mobile Eldar forces deploy to ambush the Imperium's servants.

The Sovetskii's path is blocked by formidable Eldar anti-tank weaponry.

A reinforced Sovetskii Guards Tank detachment lines up for the assault.

A Wave Serpent bearing deadly Fire Dragons prepares for battle, escorted by a Saim Hann Vyper.

In the town, Ulthwe Guardians and Alaitoc Rangers man defenses.

Wraithlords and Vypers from Alaitoc support the defense. Farseer Lahnn can be seen marshalling his forces.

Behind the town, an Ulthwe Vyper lies in wait. Elite Pathfinders in their yellow helms control the area.

On the left flank, even more Saim Hann Vypers make ready for battle.

The Imperium's first volleys of ordnance destroy this Ulthwe Wave Serpent.

Battle Sisters disembark, mindful of the fast-moving Eldar threat. Note the unusual Immolator weaponry - heavy bolters.

Fire Dragons disembark and toast a Leman Russ, the only action these Fire Dragons would see in the battle.

The SoB Rhino brews up, riddled by Warp Spider weaponry. The Vyper squad's starcannons failed to cause damage.

Farseer Kai and his surviving warlock shows what Saim Hann bravado can do to mon-keigh armor.

33FJ lands! Their drop was incredibly accurate and well-coordinated. Here 33FJ mortar, anti-tank and HQ units deploy from grav-chutes.

Across the river, 33FJ platoons make landfall. The 33FJ drop was a show of precision and accuracy, as this particular LZ was tight. Only 1 squad was lost in the drop.

Meanwhile, the Sisters' advance was delayed as Battle Sisters disembarked to deal with the Eldar threat.

33FJ droptroopers advance into town. Seconds later, flamers from the droptroopers took out many Eldar manning the Keep.

Another Rhino falls prey to the Warp Spiders' wizardry. By this time, the Sisters were quickly running out of transports.

A Valkyrie strafing run tears apart a Saim Hann Vyper. The Valkyrie air support was much welcomed by the forces of the Imperium.

Sovetskii armor manouver to deal with the swift Eldar threat. Already, 3 tanks were burning, 2 of them prey to Farseer Kai's witch weapons.

The Fire Dragons were wiped out in a fiery ball of ordnance. Their Wave Serpen carried on the fight, harrying the
Sovetskii flanks and taunting the Imperial tank crews to open fire at close proximity to their friendly forces.

The other Alaitoc Wave Serpent score a clean kill on a Leman Russ (top). The Immolator in
the foreground was destroyed by a Saim Hann Falcon hovering over the river.

Battle Sisters desperately press on on foot, facing a swarm of Saim Hann Vypers and Jetbikes.

Another Valkyrie strafe the Eldar rear. Their sorties went unchallenged. The large Guardian unit
on the right was repeatedly hit by 33FJ mortars and were pinned down for most of the battle.

A Valkyrie flies over the battlefield, having completed yet another successful strafing run.

In the Imperium rear, the Fire Dragon's Wave Serpent still causes major irritation (the Serpent was hit and shaken for 5 turns).

An Alaitoc Wraithlord counter-attacks. The Alaitoc allowed 33FJ droptroopers to enter town before opening up with their snipers.
Once the droptroopers were weakened, a Wraithlord was sent in to mop up.

Aftermath: The Valkyries finally went into VTOL mode to deliver their stormtroopers directly onto the Keep. Once in VTOL mode, both Valkyries immediately came under heavy fire and were destroyed, one example seen above. Eldar reserves (Storm squads, Wraithlords and Farseer Lahnn) then attacked and destroyed the stormtroopers. In the background, 33FJ survivors can be seen crossing the river to safety.

All in all, a fun game, though slightly one-sided. We should have stuck to the original scenario rules, which gave a closer fight.