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A Bridge Too Far
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The gallant 6th Fallschirmjaeger Rgt, Brandenburg Imperial Guard, has made a daring airborne assault and taken Arnhemum Minor, the town controlling the last bridge crossing the Rine River. The plan was to hold the town for 1 day before elements of XXX Corps, spearheaded by the 7th Panzer and Sovetskii tank regiments, arrives.

However, things have gone wrong, and the intrepid troopers of 6FJ have held out for 6 days without relief or supplies. All accompanying Sentinels, the only armor dropped with them, have either been destroyed or disabled. Mortar crews have been pressed into line rifle duties as mortar ammunition has long been exhausted.

The forces of Chaos have given the 6FJ such a pounding that the regiment is now broken into small pockets of resistance. The most important of these is 3rd Company, holding Arnhemum Minor itself. Under the glorious command of Captain Acker, the indomitable droptroopers have set up a strong defensive parameter in the town.

Time is running out for these droptroopers. 7th Panzer and the Sovetskii tank regiments must reach them before all is lost.

The Imperium:
3rd Company, 6th Fallschirmjaeger Rgt (1500pts)
4th Company, 7th Panzer Rgt (1500pts)
Sovetskii Guards Tank Rgt (1500pts)

Lord Airnul' s Slaanesh (1500pts)
Lord Sleem's Nurgle (1500pts)
Lord Harreth's Slaanesh daemon bomb (1500pts)

Dawn attack, deep strike, inflitration, reserves, special game length (see below)

The side holding THE KEEP with at least one scoring unit entirely on the building, and with no enemy units entirely on the building at the end of the game wins.
All other results is a draw.

Arnhemum Minor is made up of buildings, Class 3, 4+ save. The bridge itself, while large, is only Class 2, 5+ save, owing to the fact of its lattice construction. All other terrain cover gives 5+ save.

THE KEEP is accessible only via the stairways modeled on the building. It is not accessible to tracked vehicles. Of course, jump pack troops may ignore this.

The River Rine is impassable to all vehicles except Chimera and Land Raiders. Obviously, skimmers may ignore it. For infantry, the Rine is considered as very difficult terrain - roll 1 die instead of 2 to determine movement.

Forces of the Imperium must deploy all its models, except for infiltrators and units arriving via deep strike, in the areas indicated on the map - 6FJ in the town, Sovetskii and 7th Panzer no more than 12" from the short board edge farthest from the town.

Forces of Chaos then must deploy a single troop choice in the area indicated on the map - south of the river, and 12" away from the armored companies' deployment area. All other units are placed in reserves and may come onto the table as per the reserve rules. Chaos reserves may arrive via the three table sides as indicated on the map.

The Forces of the Imperium take first turn.

7 turns, +3 variable (at the end of each turn starting on turn 7, roll a die. On a 4+ there is a next turn)

The armored company units fall back towards the short table edge near their starting positions.
The 6FJ fall back towards THE KEEP. Once a model in a retreating unit touches THE KEEP and the unit still has not rallied, the unit is removed from the game. This represents a total dispersion of the unit as stragglers aid their wounded comrades, desertion, etc.
Chaos forces, if they ever need to retreat, do so towards the nearest table edge.


Deployment, view from the North
The view from the north. The 6FJ droptroopers dig in as best as they can.

Deployment, view from south
The view from the south. The road to Arnhemum appears deceptively short for the crews of XXX Corps armor.

7th Panzer!
Tip of the XXX Corps spearhead, 7th Panzer and the Sovetskii Guards Tank Rgt, make ready for the final push on Arnhemum.

In the town itself, 6FJ droptroopers prepare their defenses in concentric rings, seen here from the west.

3 Zug
The ill-fated 3rd platoon can be seen here manning defenses overlooking the main road from enemy lines.

5 Zug

The heroic 5th (anti-tank) platoon holds the tower, while 1st Platoon is deployed below. To the left of 1st Platoon is 2nd Special Weapons Team.

2nd Platoon is deployed in front of the Keep.

Captain Acker's HQ and 4th Platoon hold the Keep itself. To the left can be seen the Company's Veteran squad, held in reserve.

Concentrated defense: Captain Acker's HQ is surrounded by elements of 2nd & 4th platoons.

Renowned Cabal News Network journalist Kristanus Amanporr covers the events from the river.

StuG IIIG assault gun employed by the Brandenburgers. The heavy firepower was to prove useful. (closed-top, side skirts, direct fire Basilisk)

the bridge
The bridge itself. Capture of this vital bridge would mean a quick end to the war.

Nurgle rearguard
Under cover of the night, Plague Marines and their Rhino block XXX Corps path.

Slaanesh rearguard
Noise Marines support their nurgle brethren in actions designed to delay XXX Corps' advance.

Opening blow
XXX Corps rolls forward. A shell from 7th Panzer vaporizes the Nurgle Rhino. Things are looking up for the Imperium.

Slaanesh survives
The Noise Marine rearguard were cut down by a deluge of heavy bolter fire. But 2 meltagunners survived.

Slaanesh counterattack
The surviving meltagunners knock out the turret of the Sovetskii commander's Vanquisher.

take aim
Plague Marines take aim at the 7th Panzer Sentinel. Miraculously, the scout vehicle survived the hail of bolter shells.

Rhino blocks path
In a desperate bid to delay the advance, the Slaanesh Rhino sacrifices itself on the highway.

Slaanesh rearguard down
The Slaanesh rearguard finally succumbs to the Sovetskii armored onslought.

Chicks on steeds
Meanwhile, foul daemons on steeds appear in Arnhemum, and sweep up the droptroopers' flank.

Slaanesh termies!
To the north, a Chaos Rhino unloads a pack of Plague Marines, while Slaaneshi terminators march forward. 3rd platoon never stood a chance.

Airnul attacks
On the Chaos right, Lord Airnul and his trusty lieutenant swoop in for the kill.

SS Panzer!
Nurgle Predators arrive on the Sovetskii flank. Though greatly outnumbered, the Chaos tanks
outclassed their Imperium equivalents and effectivel stopped the Sovetskii advance.

Mo SS Panzer!
Slaanesh Predator arrives on the 7th Panzer flank. The Slaanesh armored flank attacks were not as successful as that of Nurgle.

5th platoon under attack
5th (anti-tank platoon) held out the longest, and was assaulted from early in the battle.
Here, daemonettes on steeds had assaulted the ground floor of their position, held by 1st platoon.

Daemon fight
Lord Airnul narrowly escapes death as the entire 2nd platoon locks into close combat with him. His lieutenant fairs much better.

Lone Plague Marine
7th Panzer refusing flank to meet the Slaanesh armored threat.

The Chaos rearguard survives just long enough for their flanking armored attacks to arrive.
The lone Plague Marine seen above was to survive further.

Successful delay
Nurgle Predators continue to plague the Sovetskii armor, who have diverted significant resources to deal with the threat.

Lucky shot!
The lone survivor of the Nurgle rearguard proves to be disproportionately damaging as his bolter shells
destroy the Laser Destroyer's energy housing, thus disabling the tank's main gun.

Slaanesh still at it
Though less successful, the Slaanesh armored flanking attack can be seen here causing damage, knocking out a 7th Panzer Leman Russ.

Nurgle tank aces
Another view of the Nurgle armored attack, this time showing the extent of the damage they are causing.

Fall back!
The defenders of the Keep brace themselves as the concentric defenses are overwhelmed. The hardened veterans
held in reserve were struck by Lord Harreth's lightning charge. 

Even more Slaanesh armor
Just as 7th Panzer tanks were gaining the upper hand against the first wave of Slaanesh flank attacks, another Predator arrives
(in top background). Note the high effectiveness of 7th Panzer's newer ambush camo scheme - can you spot the Sentinel in the woods?

spot the sentinel
The Sentinel in question. It was trying to sneak up the enemy Predator's weaker side armor.

Sovetskii trouble
The already blunted Sovetskii attack faced yet another threat - a Predator from Lord Harreth's war host.

5th platoon holds on
Daemonettes enter the 1st floor of the complex held by 5th Platoon.

7th Panzer neutralizes the Slaanesh flanking manouver and presses forward towards their objective. The damage had been done though.
The delay caused by the attacks was great. Seen here, amphibious Chimera loaded with elite panzergrenadiers push forward towards the Rine River.

Nurgle finally dies
The last Plague Marine rearguard finally falls, but not after causing great delay to XXX Corps.

Stubborn Nurgles
Meanwhile at the Keep, despite the undivided attention of 4th platoon and Captain Acker's HQ, the Plague Marine flamer stands his ground.

In great act of sacrifice for the Imperium, the lone meltagunner charges the foul Plauge Marine flamer.

Papa's here
The Plague Marine and his Lord approach the Keep. By this time, 3rd Company 6FJ was down to 40 men.

Termies advance
The defense of the town had all but crumbled. Here, Slaanesh terminators march into town unopposed.

Last stand!
Captain Acker fights on valiantly, seen here dispatching the foul marine back to hell.

5th platoon fights on
Though the Keep was about to fall, men of 5th platoon fight on. Here, the defenders of the 1st floor has been wiped out after a
second daemon pack charged up. The defenders on the floor above can be seen to courageously continue providing supporting fire.

Crossing the Rine
7th Panzer finally begins crossing the river. The bridge is blocked yet again by a Chaos Rhino rushing madly forwards.
The panzergrenadiers on foot were forced to disembark after their Rhino was immobilized by the last Plague Marine rearguard.

On target!
After heavy fire from XXX Corps failed to destroy the Chaos Rhino, it was left to lascannons from 5th Platoon to take it out.

To the death!
Captain Acker and Sgt Kempfer were last seen vainly trying to stop the foul Nurgle abomination.

5th platoon falls
5th platoon finally falls, having been in the fight from the very beginning.

Too late!
Too little. Too late. A Demolisher from 7th Panzer finally crosses the Arnhemum bridge.

Panzergrenadiers arrive
7th Panzer Chimera and panzergrenadier finally arrive at the far bank.

For the lead panzergrenadier squad, all is not well as Slaanesh daemons prepare to assault their APC.

The lead Chimera goes up in a ball of fire as daemons rip it apart, killing all inside.

Extent of advance
Scene at the end of the battle. Despite all its armored might, this is the extent of XXX Corps' advance.

Another shot at the end of the battle. Though 7th Panzer's losses were small, the delay caused by Chaos armored
flanking attacks was enough to stop them fulfilling their mission.

Chaos victor!
In the end, it was a mere pack of daemons that won the objective for Chaos.