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About Balau Sector
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Balau Sector is the unofficial name of this game group. Its origins date back to 1992. At that time, all the wargaming was historical, with Napoleonics and WW2 miniatures and boardgames being principal. The game group has its "seasons" ie, time when a certain genre, ruleset or period is most popular. Napoleonic reigned supreme from 1992 to 1998, when WW2 took over the #1 spot. BTW, the group at that time was known as the IX Coalition. 40k is relatively young to the group and took the #1 spot in 2000.

#1 spot notwithstanding, we do occassionally play all sorts of things. I'm personally very limited in the games I play - I'm just not as hard-core a gamer as say Chua, Wolf or Nick. Anyways, what's available/played at the Balau Sector (and owned by various members) includes:

Miniature Wargames:
15mm Napoleonics -
French, Brit, Austrian, some Prussian, Russian & allies - rules: General d'Brigade. NPOW, Valmy to Waterloo, Napoleon's Battles, In the Grand Manner and Chef d'Battalion available but hardly used

20mm WW2 -
German, Soviet, US, Brit paras + unpainted Aussie, French, Jap, US airborne, Brits - rules: Rapid Fire!, fast becoming more popular is Warhammer WW2. Command Decision & Crossfire also available.

28mm Warhammer 40k -
Eldar (all kinds), Dark Eldar, Space Marines (various kinds), IG, Armored Company, Tau, Necron, Chaos (of various persuasions), Tyranids and others. BFG also played, but really only when Gary is around :( Necromunda available but not really hot. There's also a few Space Hulk sets floating around. Inquisitor also available but have yet to be played :) I think Balau Sector has seen about 5 or 6 Epic 40k games.

28mm Warhammer Fantasy -
I believe all the armies are represented (Kai alone has almost everything). Mordheim also played and is actually quite popular, campaigns run principally by Kai. Blood Bowl is quite popular, though the last league was about a year back. Warmaster is available, though we've yet to play it (i think the guys who own the models have yet to actually put them on a games table)

15mm Ancients -
Chua alone owns a bunch of armies :), all in all, a lot of armies all round - rules: DBA, DBM for some. Thinking about Warhammer Ancients

Cowboys! -
Hey Wolf, you have these minis right? We used to have a great time playing The Rules With No Name, excellent gunfight ruleset

We also occassionally try some ruleset or another, and between the members, there are piles of rules owned but yet to play. And that goes for models too :) then again, that is a universally common wargamer thing.

We also have tons of Boardgames, and I really don't know what we have there. And as you will notice, a lot of us are into CCG.

Anyways, drop by one of these days. And roll some dice :)
For directions to the Balau Sector, just mail me!