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US Armor
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We've been doing 20mm WW2 for ages. In fact, it's how I started wargaming in the first place, some loooooong years ago. Back then I had collected some 100 tanks and a few hundred infantry, all painted up. There's an interesting story of how I lost that first army, but  we'll keep that for later.  Some 10 years back I started a couple of new WW2 armies, some of which is shown below, some still in boxes. We were on Command Decision, but since Rapid Fire came out a few years back, that's been the rules of choice (albeit with some house rule tweaks here and there). Some of us also use Crossfire, and we've been known to dabble with Warhammer WW2 (which is great fun).

US Steel!
US Tank Battalion, 1944/45. Most of the Shermans are Airfix. The 76's and the ones in the town are Fujimi (76's are conversions). The recovery tank is based on an Airfix kit. Supporting M36s in the foreground are Fujimi. Buildings are an assortment of Hovell's and nice little cottages I found in a drugstore.

A pair of Tiger hunters!
A pair of Tiger-killers. The kits were so nice, I couldn't bring myself to convert them into M10s :)

finally, something that will knock out a Tiger
Close-up of an M36. This one's straight out of the box.

A gaggle of Ronsons. Note the lack of stars. Not necessarily accurate, but that's how I like 'em :) These tanks have seen lots of action. They all started out with .50 cals for their commanders, which are now in the bits box.

Mo' Ronsons
Sherman company with some decent up-gunned support. The converted 76 is based off a Fujimi kit.

105mm HE is a good thing
My converted Airfix 105mm tank attached to the HQ company. Very useful against infantry.

For a quick lube, call Ken
Someone ordered a tow truck?
I'm proud of this one, even if it's a bad shot. The turret and tow fixtures are scratchbuilt. Engine block from the Fujimi M4, which comes with full interior detail (why??)

This Priest just fired off a round, thus shaking the photographer's hand. Fujimi kit.

Pacific Queens
Excellent for Pacific campaigns. Absolutely recommended. M3 Stuarts by Hasegawa.

Easy Eight
An almost-never-used M4A3E8 I got painted off a model shop. By Hasegawa.

Easy Eight Rushes from ville

The Easy-Eight actually looks better blurred as in this shot.

Armored Infantry roll in! M3 HTs roll in!
Armored Infantry Battalion moves up, somewhere in Balau. Jeep by Fujimi, M3s in foreground and M21 by Hasegawa. M3s with shields down are Airfix. The ones in the background with roofs up are some metal toy stuff I picked up at a toy store and duly converted and painted. The German player actually worries more about my Armored Infantry than the Tank Battalion.

Close up of the M21 mortar carrier, a very useful part of my Armored Infantry Battalion.

HQ detachment
HQ with M16
HQ detachment with attached support. Jeep with roof and M16 by Matchbox. The other 2 vehicles by Fujimi. I rarely get to use the M16, but it's a nice (even if wrong, scale-wise) kit.