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Soviet Armor
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Here are some of my WW2 Soviet tanks. Some of these are real old and have seen tons of action. My T34 collection is actually larger than this, especially if I include those still in boxes :) In Rapid Fire, the T34 speed is amazing. Then again, in any rule set it's just an all-round great tank.

Early model T34s advance in 1941 counter-attack. ESCI models with cool individual track links.

mo T34s
Closer look at the T34s. They have been in action since 1993. I think they are OOP now.

even mo t34s!
Closer profile of the tanks. Everything's right out of the box.

you get the idea
Parting shot of the T34s. At first, I was cursing at the individual track links, but I grew to love 'em - feels much better on the table.

not done yet
More early-period T34s pass an abandoned town. These are 1:76 scale. The one in the foreground is Matchbox. The others are Fujimi. No, I have no idea where the commander figure is.

i think that's the last of 'em
Coming out of the morning sun, avenging T34s prepare to take it to the invaders. Unfortunately, low crew morale means a lot of abandoned tanks (house rule).

A KV1 making speed across the Russian plains. By Fujimi.

Two KV1s! let's see Pz38(t) run!
These two Fujimi KV1s can take a beating. If only there were more. If only they were better supported ...

wait, a couple more - with bigger gunz
Moving on: what's better than a T34? An up-gunned T34! Or two. The one in the foreground is Fujimi, the other is by Airfix.

Big gunz
SU122s come out of the woods. ESCI kits.

Another view of the SU122s. Low slung, huge firepower, good armor. What more can you ask? More of them, of course. Never enough.