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Romans - DBA
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I got into DBA thanks to a certain Dr Chua who can sometimes be spotted somewhere around the world sporting an assorted number of various DBA & DBM armies, or a gang of curious-looking Dark Eldar. I must say I enjoy the system, what with it's small resource requirements and stuff. I was using his minis at the time, before mine came around. Unfortunately, by the time my army was painted up, I was deep into preparing for a 40k tournament, and then a campaign, and so on so forth, so these minis you see have yet to see a die rolled in anger. Soon. Soon.

Roma Victor!
The army drawn up to enforce Pax Romana for the glory of Rome. Primarily Essex Miniatures.

Legionnaires ready to advance. I have faith in my Blades :), though I must admit that the supporting Auxilia is crucial.

Heavy Support
Not the most effective element in the army, but you got to have one, you know what I mean?

Rather blurred shot of light horse and Cv (due to the tremor caused by the pounding hooves, of course). Very useful support elements.