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Xenos: Ranger War Host of Farseer Lahnn

Intelligence Pics. Temporary Access Authorization Code Permitted
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The main detachment in the Eldar War Host of Farseer Lahnn is his Ranger Force. With an abundance of snipers and specialist Pathfinders, the alien psyker is able to muster these insidious troops into an entire fighting force. Not only do the snipers disrupt communications and supply lines, when ably supported with Wraithlords, Vypers, tanks and aspect warriors, they also become a major threat in pitched battles.

Interview with the alien

The Ranger War Host during their recent successful invasion of Paradigmus Infinatum. Intelligence identified the snipers in blue helms as Rangers, whilst those in yellow helms as the elite Pathfinders. Note the similar liver and uniform of the Pathfinders and Wraithlords, indicating some form of relationship between the two groups. Note also the supporting Storm Guardians and Howling Banshees.

The Farseer leading his War Host's Vypers and Wave Serpents. The prevalence of these fast hard-hitting
vehicles contributed much to this War Host's successes. Note the glowing Witchblade, bane to many an Imperial tank.

Another view of the War Host's vehicles, this time showing a good view of their Wave Serpents.
The bright lances mounted in their turrets can cut thru the thickest Land Raider or Leman Russ armor.

war host
The Ranger War Host truimphant after a recent campaign. Note the Farseer's ever-faithful companions, always by his side.

A good shot of some the War Host's vehicle assets.