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The Navarone Campaign (December 2001)
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This week, we start a "Navarone" campaign. There shall be three imperial players vs three Eldar/Dark Eldar players. Commissar Kerensky shall lead the Sovetskii Corporate Guard Armoured Company Corps, Hauptmann Schaeffer shall lead the Schutzen 6th, and Brother Chaplain Karlson shall lead the Black Templars, while Archon Angau shall lead his kabal of the fallen phoenix, Seer Council Kai shall lead their Ulthwe all-seeing army, and we shall have one more Chaotic DE army led by a new chaotic leader (note: CSM player just-turned-DE).Basically, in this campaign alll six players play 1500pt armies on a 12' x 4' table. This will most probably be a 3-week affair.

Background & Campaign Rules
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Campaign Victory Conditions
Batrep: Guns of Navarone
Batrep: Force 10 at Navarone

Story is basically this : Continuing the story from last week's campaign, because the Eldar controlled the newly conquered continent, the Imperials call upon the Black Templars for help in destroying key targets on the continent. To do this, the Imperials rigged new Adeptus Mechanicus guns onto heavily defended bunkers. These Earthshaker Mk IIs are basically Earthshakers that fire up to 10 miles accurately and 30 miles max.. But while they're readying the guns to prelude their invasion on the continent Eldar scouts picked up the turret emplacements and large force movements and conducted a preemptive strike against the gun bunkers. If they are successful the Imperial advance would be hampered by not having artillery support. The Imperials plan to target a dam that controls water flow on a major river that runs through this continent. If successful the dam would cause much havoc against Eldar ground installations and troops situated on the southern part of the continent. Moreover, the power generator to the HQs are located near the dam as well and is to be eliminated. Completing the mission, Imperial forces must retreat back out of the continent as they yet have the neccessary supplies and equipment to start a foothold on the continent.

Siege Rules : Ordnance weapons firing at bunkers roll 2D6 and pick highest. Eg. A Lascannon rolls 1D6+9 for AP against bunkers, and a Battle Cannon rolls 2D6+8 (choose highest). Bunkers have Armour of F13 S13 R11. Use the Bunker table for resolving damage.Turret Emplacements have Armour of F11 S11 R10. Use Bunker table for resolving damage.Siege weapons get an additional +4 Strength against Bunkers and Emplacements.

Week 1 : The Guns of Navarone (on dry land) - Bunker Assault, Imperial forces defend, even with Armoured Company on table. Objectives are three Bunker Emplacements with Battle Cannons. There will be three more Turret Emplacements with twin-linked bolters each. Siege rules for bunker damage apply. Game will be played lengthwise, not widthwise, so the Imperials shall field the defending forces 4' from one short table edge, while the Eldar army come in from the other short edge.
Game length : modified.
Results : For each working bunker (even if weapon was destroyed), the Imperial forces get one prelim bombardment in the next scenario.
XP : Eldar unit that destroys at least one bunker gain 1 Battle Honour. All teams get 1 Battle Honour that they may give to any SURVIVING unit not less than half strength. Units destroyed in battle are replaced with equivalent units without Battle Honour. Note : It is possible for units to gain more than one Battle Honour throughout the campaign but each unit may not gain more than one Battle Honour per scenario.
CP : Eldar player scores 2 Campaign Point per Bunker Destroyed. Imperials gain 1 Campaign Point bunker not destroyed.

Week 2 : Force 10 at Navarone - modified Sabotage, Imperial forces attacks. Eldar designates sites as targets for destruction : A power generator, a Bunker with a single Birght/Dark Lance, a dam flood-control bunker. The bunkers may be destroyed at range using Siege rules.
Note : Objectives MUST be destroyed. The bunker with the Bright/Dark Lance disabled does not count as a destroyed bunker. The power generator is underground and may not be destroyed with Long Range Fire. All objectives may be blown up using standard Sabotage rules.
Game length: Game lasts 6 turns unless special condition below is reached.
Note : If the dam control is destroyed, the game becomes a furious short-time game. At the end of each Eldar turn after the dam control is destroyed, roll a D6. The game ends on a roll of 3 or less. This roll goes up to 4 or less on the next turn and 5 or less on subsequent turns. If the game ends this way, all mobile units on the table run away from the flood. Immobile units are destroyed. (So it's a good idea for Imperial players to target the dam control last, or at the same time as they blow up the other objectives) Remember that game lasts for 6 turns!!
Prelim Bombardment : The Imperial players get one prelim bombardment (from retrofitted Earthshaker Mk IIs) for each bunker not destroyed in the previous scenario.
Results : Eldar side gets (for each surviving objective) one of these : 2 extra Tank Traps, 2 extra Barbed Wires or 1 Emplacement with a Bright/Dark Lance on the next scenario.
XP : Each unit that destroys at least one bunker gain 1 Battle Honour. All teams get 1 Battle Honour that they may give to any SURVIVING unit not less than half strength. Units destroyed in battle are replaced with equivalent units without Battle Honour.
CP : Imperials gain 2 Campaign points per objective destroyed. Eldar gains 1 Campaign Point per objective not destroyed.

Week 3 : Escape from Navarone - Modified Breakthrough, Imperial forces..... run away! Eldar begins with 5 tank traps and 5 barbed wires located no nearer than 8" apart from each other. Eldar also get two turret Emplacements with either a Bright/Dark Lance or twin-linked Shuriken Cannons / Splinter Cannons. Split the table into three 4' x 4' sections. Imperial forces begin on one short table edge and marches to the other end. Objective is for the Imperials to reach the last third of the map with as many units as possible.
CP : For each full 100 pts of Imperial units destroyed at the first third of the table, Eldar gets 2 Campaign Points. Eldar also gain 1 pt per understrength unit not able to reach the objective, and 1pt per Immobile Imperial vehicle anywhere on the map. For each full 100 pts worth of Imperial units reaching the objective, Imperials gain 3 pts.

Campaign Result -
Difference in points : +/- 2 DRAW, objective was achieved but with heavy losses to the Imperial side to continue into the continent. On the other hand the Eldar need the time to recoup from this crazy Imperial attack.

+/- 7 MINOR VICTORY, either the Imperials made good head way and has completed their mission with acceptable losses causing the Eldar to regroup and reqorganize their forces, or the Imperials managed to disrupt the Eldar operations by just a little... not enough to cause trouble to the Eldar deployment of troops and the Imperials will have trouble mounting a counter invasion on this island.

>+/- 7 MAJOR VICTORY, either the Imperials enjoyed astounding successes with minimal losses and have decided to launch the counter invasion onto the continent at the earliest possible moment or the Eldar totally repulsed the Imperial attack and are ready to make the Imperials pay for their insolence by mounting another offensive off the continent!