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Assault of Balaurus

The Forces of Order Attempt to Retake Balaurus from the Forces of Disorder
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Balaurus was a thriving mining community on Chinchare, which had the potential of becoming the planet's second city. Early in the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon, the community was seized by the forces of Chaos and their allies. An Inquisitorial force under Inquisitor Tarkemade gathered what Imperium forces available to retake the town. Even the forces of Eldar were involved.

[This was a 12-player Take and Hold game on an 8'x6' table with some special scenario rules and victory conditions. Each player brought a 1700-point detachment. There was a total of 20,400 points of models on the table. For a batrep by Rizal & Chua go here]
Map of the battlefield showing initial deployment and objectives. The Sovetskiis were to hold both ramps of the main bridge (1), the Salamanders were to take the Mining Headquarters (2), while the 6th Schutzen were to take the Chapel (3). The Ulthwe, Black Templars and Grey Knights had their own separate agenda.

Deployment - Baneblade from 7th Panzer Rgt pulls up alongside a squad of veteran Salamanders holding the Imperium center. 

Another view of the Baneblade commanded by Leutnant Herzehog. The blessed tank was to be the 6th Schutzen's extreme right. 

Salamander artificiers produced this lascannon Razorback. Note the ancient Mk.1 Land Raider lurking in the trees.


On the Chaos right flank, Dark Eldar Raiders skulk behind an Ioron Varriors Basilisk, and Lord A'irnu'll, the Varriors' Daemon Prince himself!.

A Predator of Lord Horax' Blood Lords and traitor marines man defences on the Chaos left flank, which was to be the scene of bloody fighting.

The mysterious Necrons sided the Forces of Disorder in this battle, their warriors seen here on the Chaos right flank. In the background can be seen Necron Immortals taking position on the street.

Warboss Harr Nozonoobe's Black Jet Boyz Speed Freek clan take position behind the woods in the Chaos center.

GO! GO! GO! Under the cover of dawn, Black Templar transports surge forward towards the enemy, their hatred burning even more intensely upon intel discovery of a psyker amidst the enemy. In the background 6th Schutzen troopers look on in awe.

While on the Imperium center-right, Salamanders rush forward as best they can. Note the sinister black Land Raider of Inquisitorial knights behind the Salamander Land Raider.

Incoming! The first Chaos barrage from 5 Defilers and a Basilisk bracket the Templar transports. In this first volley, one Rhino was destroyed, and 2 more immobilized. The key lead APCs, however, were unharmed.

An operative of the Officio Assassinorium reveals herself behind Horax' Obliterators. Note that the Ork looted Leman Russ had by this time disappeared, prey to the Baneblade's initial volley.

Their Rhinos immobilized, Black Templars march forth to deliver the Emperor's wrath - on foot if need be. Hauptmann Schaeffer can be seen urging his Brandenburgers on.

6th Schutzen troopers rush towards the edge of the woods, where their long-range heavy weaponry can be put to maximum effect. By this time, the Baneblade's ordnance was already exacting a heavy toll from the Necrons.

Templar assault units pull ahead of the rest of the army. Note the Leman Russ on the hill - immobilized early in the battle, it continued to pump deadly ordnance into the distant enemy.

Intrepid Brandenburg Schutzen advance behind the protection of a Black Templar Land Raider Crusader.

A Grey Knights squad teleported onto the battlefield, bringing cheers to the soldiery of the Imperium. Behind them a Salamanders Razorback prepares to provide rapid armored support.

However, as can be seen in this orbital pic, the Grey Knights had landed too close to the enemy, which would result in dire consequences.

Meanwhile the Imperium's general advance presses on undeterred by the fearsome bombardment of unseen Defilers. The Baneblade is seen here busy reducing the Necron position.

Assault! Imperium assault forces hit the Chaos left and right flanks simultaenously. The Inquisitorial Land Raider moves up to support its foot-borne marines, while in the background Black Templars hit the Necron line. Note the Salamanders abandoning their stricken Razorback.

Meanwhile, Sovetskii Mechanized Infantry reinforcements pour through the Imperium rear, barreling straight for thier objective.

All its weapons destroyed, the Blood Lords Predator bravely tries to stem the Imperium tide by using itself as a roadblock. By this time, the Land Raider had been immobilize by concentrated fire.

Black Jet Boyz disembark with choppas swinging and rushing to cut dem 'umies down to size with a blood-curdling waaaaaargh!

In a short, sharp and one-sided fight, the brave Grey Knights were cut down to a man.

Meanwhile, on the Chaos right flank, Black Templar assault and terminator squads prepare to cut down the Necrons, already battered by direct fire ordnance.

The unknown Necron Lord consults his resurrection orb, knowing too well he will need to use it to its utmost.

Brother Captain Stern and the Grand Master of the Grey Knights are seen here being mobbed by Orks, Blood Lords marines and Horax himself.

Despite their undisputed valor and taking many of the enemy, Brother Captain Stern falls to Horax' Lash of Torment, while the Grand Master was bludgeoned by Ork Nob SumNob's power klaw.

Unaware of the loss of two great heroes, the Imperium presses on regardless. By this time, the ferocity of the Black Templar attack on the Chaos right had forced the Necron Lord to evacate survivors - or risk phasing out.

Suddenly, a Necron monolith appears amidst the Imperium rear, taking the attackers by surprise.

The arrival of the monolith was late, but sorely need by the forces of Chaos.

The inital volley of the monolith took out several infantry, and destroyed both Salamander Land Speeders.

Undeterred by the sudden arrival of the monolith, and by the torrent of artillery bursting around them, Brandenburgers kept advancing. By this time, Hauptmann Schaeffer was MIA, following an explosion which wiped out his HQ squad.

Herzehog's Baneblade advances over a stream and foot bridge. A straying Defiler shell had caused grevious damage to its drive systems.

A Salamander Razorback pours lascannon fire through the windows of this ruin. Moments after this pic was taken, a hail of krak missiles destroyed its drive sprocket, rendering it immobilized.

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers disembark to exact revenge on their fallen heroes, hellguns at the ready.

The scene towards the end of the battle, with the monolith slowly trying to catch up with the damaged Baneblade. Schutzen lascannon crews can be seen deploying their weapons after realizing they would not reach the objective in time.

Their transport immobilized, and the Imperium right flank in tatters, Salamanders devastators bravely prepare to charge the Orks. In the ensuing melee, the Orks were defeated!

The Orks in question. The Salamanders devastators actions on that day helped to stabilize this flank.

Herzehog's Baneblade rumbles into town. By this time, the great tank had attracted the attention of concentrated Chaos lascannon fire, and only its three  twin-linked heavy bolters were still firing.

On the Chaos left, Sovestkii mechanized infantry finally arrive at their objective, challenged by Dark Eldar and unknown Chaos forces.

After briefly holding the objective, the Sovetskii HQ was routed by a spirited Dark Eldar charge. Kommissar Kruschev executed the Sovetskii colonel, but was in turn fragged by the HQ squad.

On the Chaos left, Dark Eldar warriors hold the far ramp of the bridge, while Sovetskii troops hold the other side. 

The scene at the end of the battle on the Chaos right. The Imperial Chapel is contested by the Ioron Varrior's damaged Defiler and the Brandenburg damaged Demolisher. The carnage of this battle was complete. But the forces of disorder won by solely holding the third objective.