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Defence of Partha-1

Forces of the Imperium hold out against Eldar assault
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Partha-1 was one of countless outposts on Balau Prime that acted as both power supply generator and Imperial bastion for the outlying agri-areas. When the garrison discovered massed Eldar approaching, they hurriedly called for any help at hand. The Emperor was kind, and warriors from 6th Schutzen, armor from the Sovetskii Corporate Guard and Astartes from the Salamanders and Black Templar Chapters soon arrived to destroy the alien assault.

[This was an 8-player Take and Hold game on a 12x6 table with some special scenario rules and victory conditions. Each player brought a 1500-point detachment. The Eldar was mostly Dark, with 3 Dark Eldar players and 1 Craftworld Eldar.]
The Imperial bastion Partha-1. The towering power generator can be seen on the left, with the transmitter hidden amidst the trenches on the right. This pic was taken 1 month after the engagement. The troops manning the fortress are 6th Schutzen, the green tanks are of the Sovetskii and the marines, bikes and skimmers are from the Black Templars.

Another angle of the above pic. Note that much of the wreckage of battle had been removed. 

Partha-1 moments before the Eldar assault. Lead elements from the 6th Schutzen are seen manning the trenches and defences, while armor and bikes from the Black Templars and 7th Panzer stand in reserve..

Another view of the Imperial defences before the Eldar assault.

The first wave of the Eldar assault - masses of Dark Eldar raiders, each carrying a horde of alien filth. This is a rare pic in that the skiffs are advancing amidst two Wraithlords.

Behind the mass of Raiders, Eldar Wave Serpents and a Falcon swoop in.

The aliens attack! The Wave Serpent burning in the foreground was hit point-blank by a meltagun.

The Schutzen first line was cut down. The two troopers in the forward trench were actually from a second line of defence that charged forward, wiping out a Dark Eldar squad and bringing down the skiff behind them.

On the Eldar left, Wraithlords advance. The Black Templar squad despatched against them bailed out from their stricken Rhino.

In the rear, Black Templar bikes lead a counter-assault, with a Sovetskii Hellhound supporting. 

The view from the rear. By this time, the fortress was a mass of twisted wreckage and bodies. Imperial armored reinforcements rush in to turn the tide.

Note the webway portal eminating a white-orange glow behind the black skiff. Dark Eldar reinforcements pore through this portal.

Salamander reinforcements pour into the fortress. A Black Templar command squad stubbornly defends the power generator, here seen despatching the last of a Fire Dragon squad.

A desperate moment for the Imperial defenders.

Salamander reinforcements find themselves assaulted by the dreaded Incubi. 

The Emperor truimphs! In the closing moments of the battle, Sovetskii armor and Salamander marine reinforcements tipped the scales. Although the Imperium won the day, the losses were heavy, particularly among the two Astartes and Sovetskii detachments. Surprisingly, the 6th Schutzen only suffered 34 casualties.