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German Armor - Late Period
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For some reason, most of the games revolve around mid or late-war period battles. For that reason, my brother's collection is more extensive in this period. Of course, most games groups would have no trouble having players collect German minis, for some reason or another.

A troop of PzIVF2, the first time we see real strong AT firepower on PzIVs. All by Airfix.

Sometimes mistaken as Tigers
A mixture of PzIVLs and Ms lead the advance. These form the backbone of my brother's German armor. And they do the job very well.

without camo
Closer look at a pair of deadly PzIV, workhorse of the Balau incarnation of 8th Pz Div. These are excellent kits by Fujimi.

Another pair in more elaborate camo. These are converted off Airfix kits.

Stugs roll from woods
Another workhorse type, which happen to be efficient tank-killers when used with skill. StuG IIIGs emerge from the woods.

Dangerous unit
Another view of the StuGs. The one in the background is Airfix. The one in the foreground is all-metal and nice and heavy and from an unknown manufacturer.

Don't mess wid these cats
If only there were more of these! Panthers excel in all aspects: speed, armor, firepower. While not as hardy as the T34, the scale of most our games don't reflect this. Models by Airfix.

On the proul
Another pair of the deadly cats. Both Airfix.

88 deployed and ready
88 deployed. The crew can be found in the great little inn down the street. Gun and tractor by Airfix. Side-car combi and kubelwagen by Fujimi.

HQ unit with flak protection
Part of a HQ unit bivouac by a ville. Truck by Revell, flak tractor by Fujimi, recovery tank converted off a Matchbox PzIII.

King of the battlefield
Pair of Tiger II, the ultimate war-time German battle tank. These were only ever used once in our games, in which a platoon of these with an understrength infantry company  held off an entire US Combat Command with a tank and armored infantry battalions. That was a game to remember - the US player got really unlucky with air support, and took a lot of friendly fire. King Tigers by Fujimi.

King Tigers!
Another view of the King Tigers. Though slow, they were hard to beat and often had the best crews.

Pz gdr column Panzer grenadier - vowart!
Panzer Grenadier unit moves up. Sdkfz 250 is metal, manufacturer unknown. The Sdkfz 251s are a mixture of Fujimi and Matchbox. The Sdkfz 251/9 on the far right is converted off a Fujimi kit.

Wespe & Whirlwind
Some support elements. The Whirlwind is by Fujimi. The Wespe was converted off a Matchbox Pz II.

Support Group
Another view of the pair, this time clearly showing the ambush camo of the flak tank.