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Eldar Invasion of Paradigm Infinatum

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Earlier this century, a Guardian war host from the Alaitoc Craftworld under the command of the insidious Farseer Lahnn swept down on our brethren in Paradigm Infinatum. The Emperor's Imperial Guard, Salamanders, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and 2 companies of Black Templars all tried in vain to stop this incursion. In the end, the Eldar were defeated by their own kind in an unexplicable kin-strife in the hives of the planet.

(This was a tournament in Singapore in June 2001. After defeating Necrons, Black Templar, Dark Eldar, Eldar and Marines, I lost the final to an Ulthwe army)

The War Host upon arrival in the lush agri-fields of Paradigm Infinatum.

Guardians rally around their Warlock leader.

Starcannon-armed Vypers streak low over the streets of Paradigmus Prime. These jetbikes proved their deadliness in this invasion.

Other Xenos also descended upon the hapless citizens of Paradigm Infinatum. Here, a Wraithlord advances against Necrons amidst the ruins of Paradigmus Prime. The Eldar actually routed the Necron force in this particular battle.

A bright lance-armed Wave Serpent speeds its deadly cargo in one of the battles in Paradigmus Prime. The runes denote that this particular example carried a squad of Storm Guardians. Note the gun turret traversed to the rear. 

The Farseer and some of his deadly skimmers storm through agri-fields on Paradigm Infinatum. A large part of the Eldar success in this campaign was due to the tactical and strategic advantages of their superior mobility.

The opening moment of a blistering assault that left a Necron force decimated in Paradigmus Prime. By this time in the campaign, all Imperial forces in the hive had been defeated - destroyed or routed.

The War Host advances upon Marshall Colin's Black Templars, who were utterly wiped out in the engagement, with only the good marshall barely surviving the battle. The resolute Templars were defending the sacred Tower of Denigm.

Storm Guardians rush forward after bailing out from their stricken Wave Serpent. Note the two flamer-toting Guardians, deadly against most troops. 

Vypers support an assault in Paradigmus Prime.

The downfall of the xenos proved to be their own kind. An Alaitoc Guardian Storm squad foolishly assauls their kin - a Seer Council of Ulthwe.

Bitter kinstrife. An Ulthwe Wraithlord in close combat with Guardians, led by a Warlock. If not for this strange turn of events which effectively rendered both Eldar War Hosts unfit for battle, Paradigm Infinatum would surely have been lost.

Farseer Lahnn in a fool-hardy charged on his Ulthwe kin.