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Xenos: Eldar of Farseer Lahnn

Intelligence Pics. Temporary Access Authorization Code Permitted
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One of the major threats to the Imperium in the Balau Sector was the Eldar War Host of Farseer Lahnn, believed to be from the alien Craftworld Alaitoc. In addition to the many snipers this enemy fielded, the Farseer was also endowed with more conventional Eldar units and weaponry. This made the alien threat even more dangerous, as it was impossible to predict where, when and how they will strike. This Eldar force remains a bane to Imperial forces to this very day.
The War Host early in the Balau Wars. This force was to grow tremendously over the years, rapidly reinforced due to the Eldar's intimate knowledge of the Webway. In the later years of the Wars, the number of snipers, Guardians and Aspect Warriors tripled and an increasing number of Warlocks and other psykers appeared. So too did the number of jetbikes and Eldar armor. Note the Wave Serpent in the far right did not have its main weaponry, possibly due to incomplete repairs.

Another early pic of this War Host. Storm Squads such as the small example in the foreground became a staple.

A Guardian squad with supporting scatter laser and led by a Warlock. The shuriken weapons carried by these infantry were lethal.

Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons, two of the deadliest Eldar Aspect Warriors. They have been known to defeat even the mighty Astartes with ease.
Closer view of the dreaded Howling Banshees. This particular Exarch wields a particularly ancient shuriken weapon. The Banshees' power weapons could cut through even the toughest Astartes ceramite and Terminator armor with ease.

Closer view of Fire Dragons. Squads of these Aspects can decimate the heaviest of tanks and armored infantry (including Astartes) in a single volley.

The mysterious Aspect Warriors known as Warp Spiders could jump in and out of the warp at will using arcane technology.
Some of the snipers of the enemy. The ones in the blue cloaks were elite snipers known as Pathfinders. When the enemy deployed snipers en masse, in what our troops called a Ranger Force, they could hold up an attack by a force many times their size.

Another deadly Aspect Warrior type: Dark Reapers. Known to decimate entire squads of Space Marines from a distance, this Aspect mysteriously disappeared from the ranks of Farseer Lahnn's War Hosts towards the end of the Balau Wars. 

The Farseer sometimes deployed jetbikes in large numbers. Here, a gaggle of alien scum swoop through city ruins under cover of darkness.

A rare pic of the Farseer himself leading a jetbike squad. Note that the Farseer is lacking his ornamental robes, hinting that this pic was taken fairly early in the wars.

Vyper jetbikes armed with two variants of the deadly starcannon. These advanced plasma weapons were highly versatile. Note the crystal targeting matrix array on the left-most Vyper.

Vyper up-close, something our brave warriors do not want to see too often. 

A pair of Wraithlords. These mechs were impervious to all but the heaviest weaponry. 

Pathfinders, dead and alive. Farseer Lahnn's War Host was unique in that its Wraithlords were guided by the souls of departed Pathfinders instead of Exarchs, which was the common practice in almost all other Eldar War Hosts.

A Falcon tank flanked by two Wave Serpents. These vehicles had the ideal combination of speed, armor and firepower.

Closer view of the Falcon grav-tank. These tanks were the mainstay of most Eldar forces and favored by the Eldar for their impressive firepower.

Rear view of a Falcon, showing its access ramp. Although the Falcon was primarily a battle tank, it was also able to transport 6 warriors in its hold.

A Wave Serpent APC with turret-mounted bright lances. Although primarily for transporting troops, the bright lances could easily cut through Leman Russ armor.

Another Wave Serpent. The "armor" plates surrounding its hull were actually force shield generators that deflected even the most powerful lascannon shots. Note the rune of the Fire Dragon forward of the air intake, indicating the kind of troops this APC carried.

One of the earliest known pics of an Eldar Wave Serpent making good speed over a battlefield.

Another very early pic of the Wave Serpent, this one taken at the Battle of Crater Garden, in which the entire Eldar force were mounted in these vehicles.

This pic clearly shows the force-shield generators and elongated hull of the Wave Serpent. Note the Howling Banshee rune on the portside denoting the troops carried by this APC.

The Farseer leads his Wraithlords and a Wave Serpent into battle. Note the white color of his singing spear blade, indicating that it is yet to be charged with psyker energy.

Another view of the Farseer. The Wraithlords, Agaith and Pikarid, were formerly Pathfinders and fought with the Farseer when he himself was a Pathfinder, roughly 700 years past. Note the wreck of a Brandenburger Leman Russ in the background.