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German Armor - Early Period
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The vehicles shown here are from my brother's collection, and are painted up to represent units from 8th Panzer Div. No one is really sure how many tanks he's got (least of all my brother). Early war period used to be quite popular in our games group, and I just love the look of them grey tanks.

German panzers roll into Le Jeur Ville, Balau. Assorted models from various makes, described below.

mo panzers!
A rolling line of Pz 38(t). My brother loves these Fujimi kits. So do I.

Close up of a Pz 38(t). The division and unit markings were painted on individually.

panzer I
Blurred shot of a pair of Pz I. Don't scoff at these things, in early-war games, they give the Brits and French a very hard time. Fujimi.

pz I and II
The Pz Is are joined by a PzII. Don't know who made the PzII, it's all-metal and nice and heavy.

The heaviest tanks in the campaign, a pair of PzIVDs. Converted off Airfix kits. The halftrack behind them is by Fujimi.

mo Pz IVD
Another view of the PzIVDs. In early war games, they are quite hard to stop. Halftracks by Fujimi.

soft skins
Soft skin convoy. Assorted makes: Fujimi, Airfix, and unkown metal motorcycle.

Part of his HQ. Truck by Revell, radio truck is resin from an unknown brand.

Some ESCI PzIII. Not exactly early war, but hey, they are grey. These are nice, with individual track-links and all.

mo Pz III
Another shot of the PzIIIs. I built one of these. Don't ask me which.