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Deathwing - First of the First of the First
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Although the Deathwing were not involved in the Balau Wars throughout, they took part in key strategically important raids, as well as forays into the neighboring Paradigmus Infinitum system. This particular Deathwing detachment is led by Librarian Nicholas (not to be confused with Chaplain Nicholas of the Black Templars).

Deathwing Terminators with supporting armor and Dreadnoughts. This particular force encountered serious setbacks in a recent foray into Paradigmus Infinatum. Note the Land Raider Crusader in standard Dark Angels livery, denoting a vehicle taken from the Chapter's common motor pool.
First of the first of the first!
The Deathwing detachment near a farm in Balau Prime. Note the Rhino and Whirlwind in the background, probably from the Salamanders.

A Deathwing squad poses proudly in front of their Land Raider. This pic was probably taken on Balau Prime itself.

Librarian Nicholas, wielding his favored weapons. It was believed that he relied on Smite so much that he did not find any use for his storm bolter.

Terminators advance, supported by a Dreadnought. This pic was probably posed for Imperium information leaflets.
Nicholas' Deathwing detachment used Dreadnoughts in the fire support role to maximum effect. This particular venerated brother was armed with a twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher, a favored configuration for Dreadnoughts in this detachment.

This was probably the Deathwing squad that accompanied the Librarian. Note the preponderence of close quarters weapons, including the heavy flamer and chain fists.

Unidentified Deathwing seargent, probably a devotee of Azrael. This highly decorated warior was armed with a power sword in place of the standard terminator powerfist.

 The good Librarian Nicholas, leading his troops from the front, as usual.

 Librarian Nicholas leads his Terminators and Dreadnoughts on a night Raid, somewhere on Balau Prime.