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Xenos: Kabal of the Black Phoenix

Intelligence Pics. Temporary Access Authorization Code Permitted
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The Kabal of the Black Phoenix makes so many raids on the Balau, Bha T'ai and Infinatum systems that it is suspected they have a major base of operations in this sector. Detachments from this Kabal are to be considered extremely dangerous and are to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

Kabal of the Black Phoenix site

Raider squad from the Kabal on a raid somewhere in the Balau Sector. Note the Dark Eldar warrior knealing to fire his blaster weapon, lethal against even a Baneblade. In the background can be seen the garish colors of a Wych Raider.

Archon Angau in a Balau Prime Hive. This pic was probably taken early in the Balau Wars as the Kabal discontinued the use of Incubi later in the Wars.
Rare pic of Archon Angau leading her Wyches and Warriors.
One of the lethal Wyche squads of the Kabal. Note the slave-girl bound on the back of their Raider.

Rare pic of the Kabal's Scourges. Once a common problem to Imperial forces, lack of replacements has led this troop type to be used only in extreme situations.

The Kabal's preferred mode of transport - Raiders. These light skiffs are extremely fast and deadly, armed with anti-tank Dark Lances and the fearsome Horrorfexes. Imperial units are advised to treat these skimmers as priority targets.

Two of the Kabal's Ravagers. These light skimmers are heavily armed. The triple Disintegrators mounted on the rear turrets are able to wipe out entire Astartes squads in a single salvo.

An early pic of the Kabal on a raid in Balau Prime. Incubi losses went unreplaced.

Raiders of the Kabal en masse during a recent major raid on Paradigmus Infinitum. 
Imperial forces from the Black Templars Chapter were dispatched to stop them, but were routed by the sheer weight of firepower.

The Kabal's Archon leads her Wyches, supported by Warriors in this rare pic. Not much is known of the Archon Angau. 
Note the trio of Ravagers in the background.

Dark Eldar Incubi standing guard over their Archon. As the Black Phoenix Kabal is not known to have any Incubi, it is believed that this pic is actually that of Dark Eldar from a different Kabal who happen to be operating in the vicinity.