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Xenos: Archon Mennimemm's Dark Eldar

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The Eldar threat on Balau Sector came in two flavors: Craftworld and Dark. Although most of the Imperial Guard care not to discern between the two, it is important to recognize one from the other. Especially because the blood-thirsty pirates of the Dark Eldar are simply more vicious and dangerous than their more 'cultured' cousins. Balau Sector has pirate hosts from at least three Dark Eldar Kabals. One of them is led by the typically Eldar arrogance of Archon Mennimemm.
The vile Archaon accompanied by Mandrake assassins. Amongts his people, he insists on the title "His Emminence"

Mennimmem and his Incubi at the bitterly fought battlefields of the SydeyGT system.

Mennimmem's Dark Eldar warriors with their Raider transports. Note the vile desecration of captured Black Templar armor and vehicles in the backgournd, put on parade by the Dark Eldar Archon merely to show off to his peers.

Dark Eldar warriors blow up a Leman Russ while another looks on helplessly.

The pirate host arrayed for battle. The dreaded Wyches are known to purporsely don non-uniform costumes just to irk the Archon. Note the chains adorning His Emminence's personal skiff, used for trussing up prisoners to the Raider for transport back to their den. 

His Emminence's forces at work on battlefields of the SydneyGT system.