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Unidentified Orks

Intelligence Pics. Temporary Access Authorization Code Permitted
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Of late, Imperial augurs have spotted a new threat which may be heading to the Balau Sector within a matter of years. Garbled reports of a new Ork empire rising in the Melba Sector are coupled with theories that the infestation may be heading this way. Some of our brave operatives have managed to capture some images of this new threat, although not much is known of it. Certainly nothing is known of our operatives since their last transmissions.

An Iron-Gobbed Nob of an unidentified Ork empire spawning its foulness from the Melba Sector.

Ork Trukks supported by a looted Leman Russ smash into Chaos lines.

A Warboss in Mega-Armor is seen here either urging on or about to eat his Grots.