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Chaos Infinatum

Intelligence Pics. Temporary Access Authorization Code Permitted
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Ten years hence, Imperial augurs detected the emergence of a warp gate on Paradigmus Infinatum. Several units were dispatched to ensure the destruction of this gate, including elements of the Black Templars, a Sovetskii Mechanized Infantry detachment, the 501st Sturmjaeger Rgt and even a detachment of Deathwing, among others. Forces of Chaos were found to be defending the gate. However, it was the Rangers of Alaitoc under Farseer Lahnn who defeated all and wrested control of the gate. To what end, only the Emperor knows.

(This was a tournament in Singapore, December 2002. My Alaitoc won the tourney after playing against Black Templars, Tyranids, Iron Warriors, 2 Dark Eldar armies and finally, a nicely-painted Biel Tan army)

The Final Battle

The Ranger War Host upon arrival in the lush agri-fields of Paradigm Infinatum. Note the yellow helmets of their Pathfinder elite snipers. It is also
interesting to note that the Wraithlords are painted in a similar scheme, suggesting some form of relationship between them and the Pathfinders.

Starcannon-armed Vypers support Wave Serpents and the Farseer. This
is a rare pic of the Farseer himself, leading his war host into battle.

Proud elite warriors of the Deathwing arrive to enforce the Emperor's will.

The Honorable Librarian Nicholas of the Deathwing. It was most unfortunate that
his force was ambushed by a roving horde of Orks en route to the objective.

An unidentified Dark Eldar kabal (possibly related to the Orang-Utang) arrives to take advantage of the prevailing anarchy.

Closer view of the vile Dark Eldar. If there were any worse than the Eldar, it must be these - their twisted kin.

Troops and Chimera of the Sovetski Mechanised Infantry. This particular regiment were the remnants of a
force which was all but decimated in Balau Prime. Note the prevalence of Brandenburger uniforms and
equipment loaned out by the Brandenburger 6th Panzer Div to help re-equip the Sovetski unit.

More Dark Eldar, this particular gang from the Kabal of the Black Phoenix.

Wyches from the Black Phoenix swarm an otherwise peaceful field on Paradigmus Infinatum. The Dark Eldar
benefitted much from the prevailing anarchy, capturing many prisoners for their evil amusement and experiments.