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Comaryan Liberation Front (CLF)
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The fall of Comaryan, a direct result of the Chaos attack on Cadia,  has left its citizens under the rule of the vile Chaos tyrants. In the midst of this destruction, Lieutenant Faizal and his 23rd Comaryan PDF Rgt have been resisting their new masters with guerilla tactics. This continues to give hope to those who have lost it when the Space Marines turned their backs on Comaryan to defend Cadia in the last stages of the 13th Crusade. Most of the elite of Comaryan fled the planet, and with them all hope was thought to be lost, leaving its people and a handful of guardsman to defend the crippled planet.

Officer n grunt
Lieutenant Faizal and a Comaryan Liberation Front Trooper on a raid in one of Comaryan's occupied
cities. Note the distinctively Brandenburger panzer-truppen officer peak cap worn by the Lieutenant.

With the help of an unknown veteran UnterFeldwebel of the Brandenburg Fallschirmjager,  the resistance force has managed to disrupt Chaos forces' ability to take control of the main hive city. More importantly, the resistance succeeded in destroying shipments of material needed to create warp gates for the Chaos deamon masters. Slowly the CLF is regrouping and are currently training with Brandenburg advisors, secretly transferred from some of Brandenburg's most elite regiments, to recapture Comaryan in the name of its people.