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Chaplain Nicholas' Black Templar Company
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The Black Templars was the only Astartes Chapter that was in action throughout the Balau Wars. Although there were contributions from the Salamanders, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Space Wolves, it was the Templars that maintained a permanent presence. Needless to say, this was much welcomed by the unenhanced human warriors of the Imperial Guard.
Black Templars advance in one of the countless field battles of the Balau Wars. Chaplain Nicholas is seen here leading an Assault Squad. The Emperor's Champion, Choleris, is well-supported by two Black Templar squads. Note the Teuton-pattern Whirlwind supporting the advance.

The Emperor's Champion Choleris (with black sword), Chaplain Fragg (with jump pack) and Chaplain Nicholas, with his command squad. Brother Fragg was en route to the Kelana system on a special mission.

The two Chaplains. The Emperor's enemies should be glad that the two never actually fought together on the same battlefield.

Chaplain Nicholas' command squad charging off their Land Raider Crusader. Unfortunately, the Imperial scribe who took this pic was killed in the crossfire only seconds after he took the pic.

The last pic recorded in the ill-fated scribe's vid - the top of the awesome Land Raider Crusader.