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Victory Parade at Balau Prime

The Forces of the Imperium March Past in Truimph After the Liberation of Balau Prime
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After 13 long months of bitter fighting, glorious forces of the Imperium liberated Balau Prime from the clutches of the vile Eldar. This is a pictorial record of some of the brave units that won the day for the Emperor in truimphant parade in Balau Prime.

Forces of the Righteous. Four of the formations in the great victory parade. In the foreground, Basilisks of the 121st Independent Artillery Company fire a 6-gun salute. Rows of Imperial armor from the Sovetskii Corporate Guard in their green livery roll alongside tanks from the Brandenburg 7th Panzer. Infantry of the Brandenburg 6th Schutzen march proudly in battle-worn uniforms. In the background, Astartes armor of the Black Templars parade to the glory of the Emperor. Note the converted Sovetskii Chimera, incorporating a Conquerer cannon. This was most probably a stop-gap measure to quickly meet the demands of increased firepower during the epic struggle. Notably missing from this pic were the Sovetskii and Brandenburg Baneblades, which could not take part in the parade due to their massive tonnage.

The Black Templars was the only Adaptes Astartes contingent in the liberation of Balau Prime. Here we see Razorbacks, Rhinos, a Whirlwind, Dreadnought and the Templars' trademark armor, the Land Raider Crusader. The Black Templars' support was greatly welcomed by the Imperial Guard.

Sovetskii and Brandenburg armor. The Destroyer in the second row was the only survivor of the Sovetskii's Tank Hunter Squadron.

Reich Konsular (Commissar) Herbert von Lanne's Vanquisher. His 4th (Schwerer) Company of the 7th Panzer was at the forefront of almost every Imperial assault.

Another view of the Reich Konsular's tank. Note the highly corroded ferrite of its exhaust assemblies.

Leman Russes of the 7th Panzer. Note the lack of sponsons on the standard Russes, a trait common to Brandenburger tanks throughout the Balau Wars.

Closer view of the Brandenburger "Plain Jane" Leman Russes. Although lacking the extra firepower (2 sponson heavy bolters + hull lascannon) of standard-issue Leman Russes, these tanks proved invaluable for their hardiness and battle-cannon firepower.

Another view of 7th Panzer armor. Note that the Hellhound here doubled as a PAK40 lascannon tow. The Brandenburgers lost most of its Chimera in the campaign.

Inseparable partners, 7th Panzer tanks and 6th Schutzen infantry. Although an intense rivalry existed between the two formations, in truth they greatly depended on each other.

Some of the intrepid troopers from the 6th Schutzen. Despite the impressive armor, it was the humble footslogger that won the campaign in the end.

Demolisher from the Brandenburg 223rd Assault Gun Battalion. The battalion suffered horrendous losses during this campaign due to bitter cityfighting.