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Thousand Sons - War Host of Amun Seth
Intelligence Pics. Temporary Access Authorization Code Permitted

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Not much is known of this particular Thousand Sons detachment, or of its leader, the mysterious Sorcerer Lord Amun Seth. Indeed, to date, the Ordo Malleus has yet to obtain a vid-pic of the sorcerer.

Many theories exist as to the origins of Amun Seth himself, but none can be confirmed. There are those who theorize that Amun Seth was once a Thousand Sons Librarian, and thus spared the curse of Ahriman. Some believe that the sorcerer was once a Librarian of the Dark Angels Legion, and turned against the Emperor during the Great Heresy. However, the strangest and most likely theory is that Amun Seth was not even human to begin with, but instead a Farseer of the xenos Eldar. As legend goes, a Farseer from Ulthwe was ordered by the Seer Council to infiltrate Ahriman's force and gather intelligence on its progress in the webway. However, deception breeds deception, and the great traitor sorcerer had already known of the Eldar's devices, and played along to the xenos' plans, all the while hatching a cunning plot of his own. The unfortunate Farseer was eventually seduced by the powers of Tzeentch. In an elaborate treachery that took place on his 999th birthday, the Farseer betrayed 999 of Ulthwe's best warriors by leading them into an ambush. None survived. As reward, he was elevated to daemonhood and assumed the name Amun Seth.

It is not known whether this tale bears any truth. What is for sure is that the War Host has been plaguing the Imperium, as well as xenos forces, for the past few centuries. The prowess of this War Host must not be underestimated. During the 13th Black Crusade, this War Host destroyed all opposition against it.

War host
The War Host arrayed for battle during the recent 3rd GC War, where they were defeated by intrepid Black Templars.

Aerial view
Aerial view of the War Host. Unstoppable during the 13th Crusade, they were finally stopped at the 3rd GC War.

Lord Ka'Kaa
Lord Ka'Kaa, the greatly feared greater daemon that is commonly associated with the War Host of Amun Seth.
For reasons unknown, Lord Amun Seth has apparently succeeded in winning the favor of this Lord of Change.
Scholars speculate that it is actually Lord Ka'Kaa, and not Amun Seth who is in control of this traitor war host.

Squad Gemba'lung
Squad Gemba'lung. Sorcerers given the honour to lead this squad and act as  daemonvessel
assume the eternal identity of the sacred name.

Squad Shapekti
Squad Shapekti. A sinister Talisman of Tzeentch can be seen on this particularly potent sorcerer.
The squad is seen here with the Predator known as Ushabtus providing close support.

Squad Sakhti
The ancient Sorcerer Sakhti leads his squad of automatons. The Predator Omanotti is a feared killer, kitted
out to inflict maximum damage on any known infantry.

The War Host's armor are seen here advancing rapidly through the ruins of GC.

Daemonvessel vessel
Prirority target: the daemonvessel's transport. Note the many Space Wolves
trophies adorning the Rhino.

Gem Ba'lung advance
Squad Gemba'lung advances. The remorseless automatons know no fear and provide effective protection for the daemonvessel.

Sakhti advance
The Sorcerer Sakhti supplements his deadly powers with a very real physical manifestation - his powerfist.

Shapekti advance
Shapekti is reported to be among Amun Seth's favorite sorcerers, and is seen as his right-hand man and heir apparent.

Rhino rear
An abandoned Rhino in the aftermath of the 2nd GC War. The desecraion of this once revered machine
appears complete, and it is not certain if it can ever be salvaged and returned to the Emperor's service.