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3rd Company, 6th Schutzen Rgt , Brandenburg Imperial Guard

A Pictorial Record of the Unit's Early Days

Note: some pics are larger than shown. You may click on those pics to view them full size.
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Of the 8 line companies that formed the Schutzen 6th in the Balau Sector Wars of M41, perhaps the most famous was the 3rd Company, under the command of Hauptmann (Captain) Edward Schaeffer. Over the 15 years of the conflict, 3rd Company was often paired with 4th Company, Panzer Rgt 7, fighting together as Kampfgruppe (Battlegroup) Von Lannes within 7th Panzer Division. This Kampfgruppe was to see the most bitter action against the alien and heretical menace that plagued Balau Sector in those blighted years.

On to History and Background of the 6th Schutzen
3 views of 3rd Company, 6th Schutzen about a year after arriving at Balau Sector. Note that the company was later beefed up with a third platoon, transferring its lascannon PAK (anti-tank gun) assets to the new platoon. The company lost its Hellhound (assigned from 7th Panzer) during the bitter action to retake Villes-Sveen in the closing phases of the Navarone campaign. The Exterminator from 7th Panzer pictured here was later replaced with a regular Leman Russ.

This is a somewhat blurry picture of Captain Schaeffer and his HQ staff early in the Balau Wars. At the time, Reich Konsular Knoop served as company commissar, before his martyrdom at Villes-Sveen. Also of note is the presence of Imperial missionary Voluuminus, who was also martyred at Villes-Sveen.

3 views of Captain Schaeffer's Chimera. He was known to loan his trusty steed to 3rd Company squads assigned to tank escort duty in armored spearhead actions, under the strict instructions that if the squad does not return the APC in one piece, the squad had better not return alive.

Leutnant Kraft (second from left) with some of 3rd Company's seargents striking a mean pose. Kraft was later busted down to seargent after a brawling incident subsequent to Villes-Sveen.

1st and 2nd platoons of the original 3rd Company, taken soon after their arrival at Balau Sector.

Another pic of the 2 platoons, this one taken after the liberation of Balau Prime.

1st platoon, at the time commanded by Leutnant Kraft.

2nd platoon, under Leutnant Immelmann. Immelmann later was to win the Iron Cross 1st Class, a recognition for bravery, valor and piety to the Emperor beyond the call of duty, unique to the Brandenburgers.

The solitary Hellhound assigned to support 3rd Company at the start of the Balau Sector Wars. This Hellhound was later destroyed at Villes-Sveen.

The armor assigned to 3rd Company at the beginning of the Balau Wars. The Exterminator and Hellhound were from 7th Panzer. The Demolisher and Basilisk were assigned from divisional assets. The Exterminator from 7th Panzer was later transferred back to its regiment, and replaced with a standard Leman Russ.

Closer view of the 2 Leman Russes most favored by 6th Schutzen troops early in the Balau Wars.

Leman Russ Demolisher, under the command of Gefreiter Andropov. It is interesting to note that Andropov hailed from Valhalla, and was the only Valhallan in the entire division.

Leman Russ Exterminator commanded by Leutnant Hoth. Hoth was later martyred during the liberation of D'sara Heights.

Basilisk from the 121st Independent Artillery Company. These artillery pieces were supposed to be assigned to the 6th Schutzen temporarily in tours of 3 months, but in practice stayed with the regiment for up to 12 months. The identity of this particular Basilisk is unknown, although it was most likely the vehicle commanded by Gefreiter Church, who was known to paint over his vehicle's identification numbers as they were "too bright and red" and made great targets.

3rd Company's PAK group equipped with 3 PAK40 75mm lascannons was attached to Company HQ. This PAK group was later absorbed into 3rd platoon, 3rd Company.